What's the difference between men's perfume and cologne or are they the same thing?

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    People often get the terminology for perfume, aftershave, cologne etc confused, but there are differences.

    Perfume has come to be a blanket term for all fragrance, but 'parfum' from which the word perfume derives is also used to represent the most concentrated form of perfume as well as the generalized term. Pure parfum is rarely seen in men's fragrances which tend to be in a EDP (eau de parfum), EDT (eau de toilette), EDC (eau de cologne) or aftershave concentration, but you will sometimes find a male perfume in the pure parfum/extrait de parfum/perfume extract concentration .

    Cologne or Eau de Cologne literally was a type of fragrance that originated in the German city, Cologne. In German it was known as Kölnisch Wasser. Typically Eau de Cologne contains around 2-5% of essential oils/aromatic compounds, which is a much lower concentration than pure perfumes, EDPs and EDTs. However, many people use the term 'cologne' to refer to ANY men's perfume, even if it's not in an EDC concentration. I'm not sure how this came about etymologically speaking, but nevertheless this blanket use exists even if it is often a misnomer.

    So basically, even though they are technically different things, they are often used to mean the same thing.

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    8 years ago

    Cologne smells better

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