So the media lied about an AR rifle being used at that school shooting?

During that school shooting the AR was never used, only the handguns were used. That’s right an ‘assault’ rifle was never used in the school shooting (in fact no rifle at all was used) and was in fact in the trunk of the car the whole time of the shooting. The media and some of the anti-gun politicians lied to the public.

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So how do you feel about them misleading the public AND then using that lie for a reason for another AWB?


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  • Leo
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    8 years ago
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    No, they didn't. I don't know how this talking point got started on conservative media. but according to the Connecticut state police the principle gun used was the AR-15. What you are ignoring is that the day of the shooting was very chaotic with a lot of inaccurate information being thrown around. They didn't even have the name of the shooter right at first and there were stories that he shot his mother in the school. Those stories were later updated and retracted, including the initial report about the rifle being in the car. In order for you to be correct, every cop and paramedic who went into that school must be lying, every medical examiner must be lying, every undertaker must lying. If you help perpetuate this misinformation then you are the one doing the lying, not the media. If you have evidence that Dr. H. Wayne Carver of the chief medical examiners office is lying then please present it. If not, then kindly shut up.

  • 8 years ago

    READ THIS!!!!

    Regardless of whether or not the "assault-style weapon" was actually used, the gun found in the trunk WASN'T EVEN AN AR15!

    In a certain video from a helicopter (I have put the link in the sources box at the bottom) (showing cops opening the trunk and unloading the firearm), they remove the magazine, then operate the action by sliding a handle ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the firearm. AR15 actions are operated by a charging handle on the REAR of the weapon. This CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES that it was either a seimiautomatic shotgun, or [more likely] something other than an AR15- like one of the AK family weapons. It is my guess that it was an AK-style weapon- as the cop cycles the action multiple times, it can clearly be seen that a somewhat long motion is required to cycle the action- which definitely seems very indicative of an AK.

    Also, there is no magazine-well on the rifle. After the magazine is removed, the bottom of the gun appears flat, with the exception of the pistol grip. The profile of the gun is not at all similar to an AR15.

    Nomatter whether its an AK or something else- it sure as sh-- isn't an AR15. I don't know why they would put the blame on a "Bushmaster AR15", but that is a straight up lie.

    Source(s): HERE'S the video!!
  • 8 years ago

    First to Olaf - good call on the additional video link. I agree that isn't an AR coming out of the trunk, and if you look at the slow - mo link and watch the size of whatever is coming out of that it is clearly not a .223/5.56. It looks much more like a 12 gauge shell just from the size.

    To Bear - here is a major question to my mind. In the era of YouTube and everyone having a voice between blogs and the ability to write their congressman at the touch of a button instead of at the speed of a stamp ... is it going to work?

    It is absolutely the case that the liberals WANT it to work. It is absolutely the case that it has worked in the past. However, before it wasn't as easy to find and disseminate evidence of the lies. Before it wasn't as easy to get to a voice of reason. Who is going to counter the argument that if he really had 4 pistols (which I think probably is also not true) and they were all consistent with the former AWB, that 44 rounds wouldn't have been enough.

    I've said it before and I'll mention it again - it used to be that the liberals controlled the media ... and they still control the TRADITIONAL media. However, the more we voice the facts, and show the sham that "the Biden Consensus" is, the more likely it is that single women between the age of 25 - 45 who have purchased firearms (according to stats something like 20 million in the last 10 years) will realize that it isn't about taking assault weapons away from the Michigan Militia. It's about taking that Glock 19 away from them that they bought and took the self defense class with where they learned how valuable those extra 5 rounds are that they don't have in a crisis situation when someone breaks in.

    What is happening on the left has become blatant, and it is disgustingly terrible. However, perhaps. just perhaps that means someone other than we gun owners can see it.


  • 8 years ago

    Those of us who have various news sources knew in day 2 that the rifle was left in the car.

    One would think that the mass media would have better sources than I do, but they spun it anyway.


    I haven't trusted the mass media since the 70s.

    (for humor purposes only, kids don't try this at home) Come the Revolution, they will be the first ones up against the wall. You know what happens in revolutions, right? Take over the radio and TV stations. Gosh, I think the Commies have been doing that since the 70s ;) Or even earlier.... Walter Leland Cronkite was a change agent of the Liberal Progressive persuasion, billed as the most trusted man in America.


    Source(s): To quote Walter Cronkite "That's the way it is".
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  • 8 years ago

    Their is some VERY shady **** going on with this shooting. Initial reports were that the kid took his moms two handguns, ar, and car. Drove to the school, shot his mom (teacher?) and opened fire with the handguns. AR was left in the trunk.

    Then it surface that his mom WAS NOT a teacher, he was homeschooled and she homeschooled him. She was not even on the schools pay roll.

    Then there was a news clip of a shotgun, not an ar, being pulled from a trunk AND the story changed to an AR was used in the shooting and a shotgun was stashed behind the school in the woods.

    Now they are saying that hundreds of shots were fired. all from the AR, each body was riddled with AT LEAST 4-11 shots each. All shots were center mass and well placed. Apparently both the shooter AND his brother were the shooters. A report mentioned 2 or 3 men dressed in black tactical clothing storming the class.

    There are now speculations by a few tin foil hat wearing people that this was entirely a set up and the shooting was carried out by a trained team of gov't hitmen. As crazy as it sounds I will halfway believe that because Im sorry but the type of shooting described with the center mass shots sounds like a well planned and performed mission. Not some 20 year old nerd going on a rampage.

    Do the math. 26 victims, All shoot at least say 5 times to make it easy. The shooter would have needed 130 rounds, AT LEAST. He would have needed to do 5 mag changes to do the job. All in a few minutes?

    good read

  • I was hunting during the day of the shooting and was gone until about 9 pm,so I didn't see any of this first hand.

    BUT,I have had 4 different family members tell me that when they were watching the news during the day an Ar-15 style rifle was pulled from the trunk and unloaded,then a film clip later came out of a shotgun being pulled from the trunk at night.

  • 8 years ago

    Us gun owners are just missing the 'point'. "What IF!!!" he had time to get back to the car trunk and get that nasty black rifle Bushmaster AR thingie - why - we could have had 100's of kids killed!!!!

    And if someone can do that kind of destruction with just handguns - why - then all handguns and assault rifles need to be banned!!!!!!

    The point the liberals are mssing..... they are only anti gun until the day they need one. Yup. Soon as their (choose one: daughter, sister, mom, aunt, cousin, girlfriend, fiance, or wife) gets (choose one: raped, carjacked, assaulted) eiether the victum or relative wants a gun. Usually the victum is sleeping with lights on, has night frights, wont leave the house, is scared spitless to live.......... and they feel better having a gun in the house because (choose one: themselves, husband, brother, father, uncle) are not physically big like the attacker.

    When I lived in Mass I dated this girl for years - and for years her dad busted my chops for owning guns and doing competition shooting. I started at 11 and by 17 I had lots of awards, trophies, badges, etc etc I wasnt even hunting back then - just shooting paper - in sanctioned NRA events. He still kept his anti- gun rehotric after I joined the military - only he ramped it up because he hated the military too. Even though I always had a firearm handy - it was never in sight. Concealed carry means concealed, right? A few months after we had parted ways she was at the wrong beach party and was raped. Cops found her running nude down a road holding her broken arm. She led them right back to the house where it happened. First thing out of her dads mouth when he and I were alone - he wanted to borrow a gun. I refused. Back then - in the 70's in Mass - unless you were buddy buddy with the chief of police - no rifle or pistol permit for you - and even then it took 40-70 days.

    I've known lots of anti-gun people - the kind that harp about it like a born again Christian. And the loudest ones I have known - all had something happen in their life that made them want a gun....... and they changed just like an alchoholic that stops drinking. Changed as quick as throwing a light switch.

  • Angus
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    8 years ago

    I just want to save the links.It looks a LAW 12 if you look in the first second or two it has a extended mag and the shell looks like a shotgun round

  • C_F_45
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    8 years ago

    Joseph Goebbels(NAZI minister of propaganda)

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"

    In his diary Goebbels admitted he learned this tactic from American liberals

    So why should it surprise anyone the ultra left wing MSM in this country is making false claims. Or that left wing politicians are doing the same.

    Obama is a follower of Sal Alinsky(Rules for Radicals) and his basic principle was.

    "The ends justify the means"

    IOW it's perfectly okay to lie, steal, cheat or kill, to reach your ideological goal.

  • strech
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    8 years ago

    Typical media "mis-stating" the facts, to further their liberal (if you look into who owns which media outlet, most of them are owned by liberals) agendas!

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