Is it possible to replace my PS3's hard drive with a 1 TB compatible one?

Or perhaps a 128gb SSD?


This is a 500GB that is $90 you can replace the PS3 hard drive with. Most feedback says it is perfect, and it is cheap for an SSD. Also right now you can save 40% which means it will cost $60. Perfect. Just thought to put this out so you guys and anyone reading this could know.

Update 2:

Oh snap I am mistaken, the price was $150 but you save $60, so it is $90. Still not bad, sorry guys

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    yes you can

    my fat ps3 has a 1tb hard drive installed and i dont have any problems with my ps3 freezing

    Source(s): owner of a 1tb ps3
  • 7 years ago

    Go 500gb.

    Any larger and it could cause the ps3 to freeze often.

    2.5" laptop hard drives fit in the ps3

  • 7 years ago

    any 2.5" laptop HDD will work. Also try to stay clear of the ones that are 7200RPM as they may cause your ps3 to overheat faster and wear out and die. Try to stick to the 5400RPM ones. But you shouldnt have any problem with a 1TB

    Source(s): Myself and countless forums
  • 7 years ago

    If the the hard drive is 1.5 inches thick and no larger it should work. I'm not sure if the software will read all of the Gigs though.

    Source(s): Most terabyte hard drives are just physically too big (2.5 inches) to fit inside of the PS3's enclosure.
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  • Batman
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    7 years ago

    idk, try it out and tell us. sounds interesting

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