10 points! Should I tell him I'll be in town?

A few months ago I was briefly "seeing" someone in a city about 30 minutes away. What I thought was completely platonic at first soon became an intense few weeks of us going out for dinner and drinks then back to his place. We got into an argument at the end of those few weeks but have since reconciled. However, I suggested that perhaps we shouldn't see each other for awhile.

I'll be back in the area on Saturday and am debating if I should tell him that I'll be in town. It would be nice to see him, but since I was the one who initiated our texts after we reconciled, I'm worried that he's totally uninterested in seeing me anymore.

Should I tell him or just let it go? The last time we "spoke" was when we texted each other Merry Christmas in December. (I texted him first.)

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    Well, you did tell him that perhaps you shouldn't see each other for a while, and I think he's actually listening to you. I say since you're the one who said it, then you should go and "un-say it"-- in other words, tell him in your town, and see each other again. I suggest you do keep a close eye on his behavior/ reaction of seeing you again; if he seems uninterested even then, then obviously he's really uninterested and that he doesn't want to see you again. In this case, simply don't bother telling him in town when you are again. But yeah, basically I'd say you should see him again, so tell him you're in town!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think that you should tell him that youre going to be in town. It doesnt necessarily mean that youll get together because he might already have plans or has moved on but it seems like youre good friends so just kinda give him a heads up and maybe he wants to see you.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Don't tell him you are in the area. you said you wanted to not see each other for a while and if he knows you are near, it's an invitation for you to see each other.

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