Can you use any type of ribbon cable on the PS3?

Hi, I have an 80gb PS3 Model CECHL01 that uses the BMD 031 Drive board (dual laser i think it has a KES 410a laser). The ribbon cable that connects to the drive board to the motherboard of the ps3 got damaged (the pins were broken). And I can't seem to find it anywhere online. I've seen a couple websites where they do sell them, but they don't seem to ship in my area (I live in Puerto Rico).

This is the cable I'm talking about : Which leads to my question, can I use a generic ribbon flex cable such as this : It has the same dimensions as the PS3's ,but I'm not sure if the PS3 ribbon cable is different in the way it transfers data. The ps3 cable has 24 pins, is around 160mm long ,and its 13mm wide. The one in the ebay auction is 250mm long and 13mm wide. Can anyone tell me if this would work?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm not sure if this helps any but I am currently trying to fix the exact same issue as you are and ran across your post in my research. The cable you're looking at there is significantly longer than the stock cable, and while some creative folds could work around it, I'm personally leaning towards a shorter cable of 170mm and hoping that I can make some amazing folds so it fits the way I need it to. :)

    With regards to your concern, I see no reason that the new cable shouldn't work. The only potential concern would be the conductivity of the leads which may affect how the bd logic board and the mainboard read each other. I'm likely going to be ordering one of these cables this evening so I can let you know how it plays out if you don't get yours before then. I figure a $10 gamble to fix a $200 console isn't a bad deal, and it will give me something to tinker with in a couple days :)

    Source(s): Ebay, and far to many years of repairing my own stuff :)
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  • 3 years ago

    Ps3 Ribbon Cable

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