Can't log in to Instagram?

Last night when I tried to go onto Instagram it claimed my account was disabled. I did nothing unlawful to deserve it's banning. But on top of that, I can access my Instagram from any other device except my own. I can log in through a friend's phone or my old iPod, but not my new one. I can't log in to ANY account, or even make a new one.

What can I do to fix this?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I had the same problem on my IPhone 5, Come to find out my lil brother was using my ITouch that has my Old Apple ID and he had 2 accounts that were deleted cause he was talking S*%t & putting nude pictures so Instagram Disabled my Instagram App meaning they Banned my Apple ID. What I did was create a new Apple ID account with another credit card once I did that I had to reset my IPhone. Once you reset your IPhone you gonna lose your pictures, songs (MP3) , you'll keep the apps & ITune songs but they are gonna be on your Old Apple ID Account and you can't download them into the New Apple ID meaning you gonna have start all over with your New Apple ID. Make sure if you have a ITouch, IPad or a old IPhone that you always sign out that way nobody uses your device without your permission cause that was what happen to me. And that's how you get a new Enable Instagram App!!

    Source(s): To Reset IPhone: Go to "Settings", Then Go to "General", Then Go to "Reset" & Then Go To "Erase All Contents And Settings" and Reset Your IPhone!! If You have an Android, Do the same thing, Set Up a new Gmail Account with new credit card & reset the Android Phone!! And that's how you get a new Enable Instagram App!!
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