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Difference between roman beans and pinto beans?

So i grew a little bean indoors not too long ago (it was winter so it had to be indoors) and i thought it was a pinto bean, (i wasnt very smart and didnt look at the package) but then i once saw these roman beans, and they looked pretty similar, some look different, and im not quite sure what ive got. The bean has the same markings, but the bean itsself is white, not that tan color, and it was tan when i planted it

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    Roman bean is a speckled light brown bean, quite popular in the Italian cuisine. It is believed to be a substitute for cranberry bean, barlotti bean, chili bean or pinto bean.

    It has an exceptional nutty flavor quite similar to chestnut and it is generally available in fresh form that has an advantage of not soaking them ahead of cooking. However, dried form of the bean is also extremely popular in cooking.

    Roman beans are popular in different parts of the world like Turkey and Portugal and is highly used in USA, where it is a fall crop.

    Pinto beans belong to a class of beans, referred to as “common beans,” alongside kidney, navy, and black beans. Pinto, which means painted or spotted, actually describes the bean’s appearance before cooking. Similar to the markings of a pinto horse, pinto beans have a mottled appearance from darker reddish brown spots on a lighter brownish beige background, thus appearing painted or spotted. Pinto beans and other common beans were first introduced to Europeans in the 15th century.

    When cooked, pinto beans lose their mottled appearance and take on a pinkish tinge. Pinto beans are commonly served alongside rice and are also mashed into refried beans, the common base filling of burritos. Pinto beans are the most widely consumed bean in the United States and because they are one of the most inexpensive forms of protein, are widely consumed throughout the word.

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    I just cooked some Roman beans for the first time....I cook beans a lot. It's an economic, environmentally friendly protein source. Roman beans after they are cooked look just slightly larger than cooked pinto beans, but taste the exact same. I really can't tell much difference in texture or flavor. Season as you'd like of course. You can season beans Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, what ever! Just keep the oil, meat, and cheese out if your goal is to make them healthy.

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