Why won't any sound come out of my gemini channel mixer?

When I try to play any songs, sound, or any sound from the mic, it won't put it through the audio chords to the amplifier. I can't figure out what's wrong. I've tried connecting it directly up to a separate amp instead of through the amplifier to a speaker but it still won't work. The lights light up on the mixer that shows that the sound is running through it but it won't send it outwards to the amplifier and speakers. The type is a MM-2400 19" 4-channel mixer with the effects. I really need some good advice because I have a DJ job tomorrow night.


The problem is that it was working perfectly fine last week. The only thing wrong last week was that the sound board lights wouldn't go all the way down when it was silent. It would stick at the last line of light. But i was gone for a couple of days and my dj partner and his friend came over to look at it and they said they sprayed some canned air and after i got back that was when no sound would come out but the sound board lights still show that there is sound


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  • 7 years ago
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    Read the manual.

    There are several possibilities:

    The mixer may have an "assign" function; if so, you'll have to set it

    for each input channel to make the desired signals appear at

    the master (output) level control section, and thus the output jacks.

    Be certain that you have connected the amplifier to the correct output jacks.

    If there is an output mute function, it may be engaged.

    The mixer may be defective.

    Try to find someone who can provide hands-on help.

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