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Where does Tom Brady rank among the top ten quarterbacks of all time?

2-time MVP

3-time Super Bowl champ

2-time Super Bowl MVP

Only player to get all the votes for MVP

Most touchdown passes in a season (50)

5 Super Bowl appearances

Has a chance to make history on Sunday. If he beats Houson he'll have more playoff victories than any other quarterback in NFL history. Give me your honest opinion and who you think is above Brady if you have anyone above Brady.


@Detroit if you don't use stats or rings, then I don't see how you can rank quarterbacks. Unless you watch them play every week and I think you're too young to have watched Joe Montana, then I don't see how you can do that.

Other achievements:

Tom Brady has the most 6 passing touchdown games. He also has the most passing touchdowns in a quarter (5). Highest career touchdown/interception ratio. 2009 Comeback Player Of the Year.

Update 2:

@Summer Since the Spygate Brady has 2 MVP's. And even at his age he's still one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

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    Aaron Rodgers said something in an interview last Saturday that really stuck with me.

    You earn your paycheck during the season. You build your legacy in the postseason.

    I've also heard Aaron Rodgers praise Brady as the best quarterback in the game.

    And maybe Aaron's right and i've been looking at it all wrong. Because I swear, I have never seen anybody play football better than Peyton Manning. But maybe postseason success is the only thing that really matters (unless your name is Terry Bradshaw). Now you'll be pissed about this, but I honestly believe Aaron Rodgers is one of the 3 best quarterbacks that i've ever seen play. But I guarantee you that until he wins as many, or more Super Bowls than Tom Brady he would never consider himself better. So if the best quarterback in the game (arguably), and one of the three best quarterbacks i've ever seen is saying....Postseason is really all that matters when it comes to building your legacy and judging how successful your career was, I guess I kinda have to believe him. So maybe i'm slowly changing my mind on Brady, and putting him near the top of my list.

    EDIT: The guy below me saying Brady rode his me a favor and Pull up the 49ers defensive stats in the 1980's. They were a top 3 defense every single year but 1982, and you can figure out why they weren't in 82. So people can't use the defense argument against Brady, and say Montana is the best ever (which you didn't do, but people do)

    At least i've been consistent in the past saying Montana and Brady are both ranked too high. But maybe I'm wrong.

  • Undefeated regular season, 5 afc championships, 3 Superbowl's , 2 MVPs, the highest win percentage of any QB in NFL history.

    and some are saying Rodgers & Brees are better? They're good but stats & history say otherwise

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    If he breaks Montana's 4 Super Bowl wins, beats Aaron Rodgers passer rating record, Drew's Brees's completion percentage and passing yard record he'll be the undisputed best QB ever.

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    All-time is longer than just the past 5 years.Since you include him in your top ten and it looks like he is your number of all-time,if he's top ten - he's number 10.

    In no particular order -

    Joe Montana

    John Unitas

    Bart Starr

    Peyton Manning

    Brett Favre

    Fran Tarkenton

    Roger Staubach

    Terry Bradshaw

    John Elway

    and I could have easily added

    Steve Young

    Dan Marino

    Ken Stabler

    and I am old enough to have seen every one of these guys play.

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    If I had to answer, then 8 or 9. Although, I personally think Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers are better QBS

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    Not to troll in any way, but I won't consider him top 3 until he wins a ring post-Spygate.

    My GOAT QBs NOT based on rings, stats, etc.:

    1. Peyton Manning

    2. Joe Montana

    3. Johnny Unitas

  • Behind Manning,lets get that out of the way.

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    I say he was (and still is) 3rd or 4th best of all time.

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