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Are other veterans happy about Kerry and Hagel's upcoming appointments?

You would think McCain would not be such a war monger after his own experience, but I for one am very happy about Kerry and Hagel potentially being appointed to the cabinet. I lost friends in Iraq and now that I look back on that situation I pretty much accept that it was for nothing, and if you call Iraq's new government something, then we can say they died when they should not have since they were not defending America or Americans. Everybody is all gung ho about going to war myself included until the experience happens and it makes me happy that the presidents new cabinet feels strongly about what justifies intervention by our military.

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    Kerry is a liar and not much of a leader. He lied on the record, several times, about his service in Vietnam specifically when he said he was sent into Cambodia on Christmas 1968 at the order of Nixon. His crew mates all said no such thing happened, and Nixon wasn't even President then. Then you have the lies he told in his Winter Soldier testimony.

    Furthermore, his career in the Senate is singularly lackluster. Despite over 20 years, there is not one piece of important legislation he wrote or lead the fight on. Not one Kerry Bill or Kerry Law worth mentioning. Oh, if you want a Post Office named after you or something like that, he's your guy. But otherwise, he was worthless.

    I don't know enough about Hagel to comment intelligently on.

  • Sarah
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    McCain said that if he won in 2008 he would nominate Hagel for his Sec of State. Let's be honest. This has nothing to do with Hagel's accomplishments or ability to do the job. This is all a partisan side show where republicans oppose absolutely everything this president does.

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    Kerry is a fraud and no, I am not happy on the more restrictions they will impose on our soldiers. Leaving them even more vulnerable. From Korea on, our military has had entirely to many politicians involved on what we can do and how we can fight.

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    Only veterans of al-qieddaieaiaia. That muslim group al qiaaadeadedda Whatever. the muslims are happy.

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    8 years ago

    I am as well.

    Source(s): Former E-7 US Army.100% service connected disabled veteran
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