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Did the Bama and Notre Dame game show the dominancy of the SEC?

The fact remains that the Best SEC team beat Notre Dame who was ranked number by a very huge margin. Oregon is probably the only non SEC team who could have competed with Bama.

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    The SEC is dominant in college football. But I draw the line at wrestling and high-altitude mountain running. For the latter, CU Boulder and Northern Arizona U. are dominant in high altitude sports. For wrestling, Iowa and Oklahoma State or Arizona State are much better.

    SEC players are great in football and will likely win again next year. But they falter in wrestling. Case in point - Shawn Jordan. He was a great SEC football player who could bench over 600 lbs and was fast as a fullback. But he lost in UFC fighting to Cheik Kongo - an MMA fighter from France who never played football. But Kongo is much better in mixed martial arts with a complex array of skills in standup-striking, a take-down defense, and a ground game of grappling.

    SEC is great in football. But their best football players will likely (1) lose in UFC and (2) not finish a high altitude running event like the Leadville 100 miles run. SEC football stars have human limits like anyone else. With that said, the SEC will most likely win the BCS championship again and dominate the upcoming playoffs. At some point, another conference may step in like Texas in 2005, but they will likely be far and few in between. There is a possibility of resurgence of FSU and Ohio State in the upcoming years, but it won't be easy. The SEC gauntlet is tough for football.

    As for academics, Vanderbilt is very high in quality. Florida's medical students routinely outscore Harvard on the USMLE step "board" exams. There are professors from MIT at UF.

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    Actually it is more Saban's diminance. He has four of the seven wins.

    Many of the other SEC wins, came with other teams just as deserving to play in the fake championship game. Not that they were not great teams but, until you play it out on the field who knows.

    Who would have picked A&M over Bama or Louisville over Florida. THis is why we play the game.

    Notre Dame had a weak schedule. Not horrible, just weak. Stanford was a good team and if not for a bad call would have beat ND. Oklahoma and Michigan were decent wins but both were only medicore teams (yes I am a Michigan fan). Still you win have to beat the teams on your schedule and they did that. Other mid-majors do that and do not get a sniff at the championship game, not sure why Notre Dame does.

    ND is losing at least 23 players, this explains why the coach is looking for an NFL gig. They will likely fall back to also ran status. Not as far as Auburn did, but it will be a drop.

    Oregon/Bama would have been a much better game. I think K-State, while they wouldn't have won, would have at least put up a fight.

    Funny thing is if it were not for Ohio State cheating then Bama would not have been in the titlte game. It would have been buckeyes vs irish

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    I think it reinforces Alabama's dominance and Saban's ability execute a smart game plan. The SEC lost some bowl games this year see Gator, Chick Fil A, and Sugar Bowl results.

    As for Oregon they choked at home against a team that ND beat. ND deserved to be there. While Oregon probably would have put up more points I don't know if Oregon's defense would have stopped Lacy.

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    Not really, most people felt that Notre Dame didn't deserve to be number one... or even number five. Just because you play a soft schedule and go undefeated, doesn't mean that you should be in the championship game. Just another case highlighting the failure of the BCS.

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    SHAWN- Well we already saw what Oregon did a few years ago against another SEC powerhouse, and they dropped the ball. Notre Dame just might go again next year, and they still have a chance.

    But right now, its all SEC. In order to be the best, you have to beat the best.

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    I would say that winning the most recent 7 national championships, even if the national championship in the FBS is really fake, is a better indicator.

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    I don't know about the SEC but the game sure showed Alabama's dominance......

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    More like the stupidity of the SEC. They waste most of their money on sports instead of education.

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    This season for sure. Things change. It might not always be this way.

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