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Sketches of different types of drainage pattern?

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    Are you looking for ideas to sketch images with the look of drainage patterns? Or looking to find some sketches of such? Obviously, sketching swirls in a downward pattern ( a bit like a tornado) will look like drainage. Or images of ribbed "drainage tile" comes to's that black tubing that's ribbed and long with little drainage holes in it...goes in ground to help earth that is in an area that gets to wet and to drain excess water more evenly and not to soak one area. For instance, underground surrounding a house so that the basement doesn't flood, or in a field that has some low wet spots that can ruin crops. My husband uses that drainage "tile" (is a tube, really) for race track divider. ( You may see it on the pictures of the track around the dirt...I take photos of it in pattern, very neat when abstracted in a photo in a swirl or curves. Or, sketch the narrow mouth of a tributary where a wide river drains a bit in "creeks" to the sides. An hourglass with sand also acts a bit as a drain and makes for neat sketch ideas. Good luck with it!

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    Its the softness or the hardness of the lead. They give you a variety in a kit un til you learn control when it comes to detail and shading. Try using the same pressure to shade some squares, the harder leads will only get dark to a certain degree. If you are laying out a plan use the lighter its more forgiving and fill in with the darker for finishing details

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