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Astronomy & Space: The laws of PHYSICS?

The laws of PHYSICS were different before the BIG BANG???

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    In M Theory the laws of physics are set by the 7 Calabi-Yau space dimensions that define the universe created by a big bang. So, the laws are set by the big bang and vary from universe to universe. For a quick overview watch the 20 minute Brian Greene TED site below.

    Creation of the Universe

    We make the assumption that there is a "hyper Spacetime" that has always existed.

    There must be a bottom to the rabbit hole of existence. At some point: Where did ______ come from, must have the answer:

    Someone or something has always existed

    God has always existed and created spacetime.

    Spacetime has always existed

    Both statements are equally valid. Take your choice.


    Spacetime is not nothing. It has properties, it can be bent, warped, twisted. Spacetime has structure. Spacetime is pervaded by Dark Energy. In fact, Dark Energy may be the structure of Spacetime, what we call the "Fabric of Spacetime

    So, we have a huge amount of energy stored in the Fabric of Spacetime. A quantum fluctuation releases some of that energy as a Big Bang creating a universe. It is all a matter of scale This process has gone on in the past and continues today creating an infinite number of universes. We see the Big Bang not as a unique event, but as a regular event that fits with a logical, consistant physical process. Physics makes the most sense without unique events. A physics that allows unique events is unpredictable and borders on magic.


    Fabric of the Cosmos, Brian Greene

    Scientific American on Multiverse Theory

    Inflationary Universe, A New Theory of Cosmic Origins, Alan Guth

    Tegmark, Max (May 2003). "Parallel Universes". Scientific American.–Yau_manifold

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    The Big Bang physically cut off any history of what could be before it, if the concept of before even makes sense without time or space as dimensions. Thus there's no point in discussing what we cannot know.

    For more about the Big Bang and its implications, watch the video at the 1st link - "A Universe From Nothing" by theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, read an interview with him (at the 2nd link), get his new book (at the 3rd link), or read an excerpt from his book (at the 4th link). And, see the 5th link for "The Universe: Big Bang to Now in 10 Easy Steps."


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    I'm not quite sure there was ' time' before the big bang.

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