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present 在這裡的意思


Very little is known about prehistoric hominid cave dwellers. However, a recent study of skeletons of these hominids has revealed an important clue about their daily activities: skeletal fractures present are most like the type and distribution of fractures sustained by rodeo riders. Therefore, it is likely that these cave dwellers engaged in activities similar to rodeo riders—chasing and tackling animals.

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    Here, "present" means revealed (被揭示的,被揭露的) or existing (存在的). It is used as an adjective to describe "fractures". You can also treating as "skeletal fractures (being) present" by omitting "being". Generally, adjective is placed in front of a noun, but sometimes it can be placed after the noun, here is some examples:

    There is a small group of adjectives, sometimes referred to as post nominal adjectives, which can only occur immediately after a noun. Examples are: The president elect

    The devil incarnate

    Many other adjectives can be used immediately after a noun when they form part of a (reduced) relative clause, e.g.: let's use the time available.

    I would like to speak to all the people involved.

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    your questioned sentence belongs the second case mentioned above.

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