Jehovah's Witnesses...? And school?

Hi, soon to be brothers and sisters! I have a question concerning school. But first I'll give you a little background information on me. I'm a fifteen year old boy. In the ninth grade. My dad was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but was never baptized, and fell away from the truth when he was in his mid-teens, and never really talked about it my whole life. About two years ago, I decided my life was unfulfilling. though I had worldly things, there was just something missing. I started doing research into a bunch of different religions, including Jehovah's Witnesses, because I knew that that is what my dad was raised. Long story short, I came to the conclusion that the Witnesses had the truth. So, I started a bible study and started attending Sunday meetings..But I stopped going, and grew my hair out, pierced my ears, and had bad association. But, about January of last year (2012), I cut my hair, took out my earrings, and slowly separated myself from the bad association. I took up a study with my aunt and uncle (my dad's sister and brother and law) and started attending Sunday meetings. Then I decided I should start attending Tuesdays, too, and by the end of May, I became a publisher. Well, here we are sitting in January of 2013 and I am planning on being baptized at our circuit assembly in the Spring! :D

Anyways, the question I have is, I have an assignment in English. I have to pick a poem, or a song, and have to recite the poem, or the lyrics of the song in class tomorrow. The poem, or song has to have some kind of meaning to us. I was really wanting to pick song #111 from the new song book, "He Will Call", as many of my loved ones have fallen asleep in death the past year, and my grandpa is currently dying of Cancer. It has so much meaning to me, and is such a beautiful song! :D Anyways, the question is, would you pick that song and do it? I also figured it would give a pretty good witness. But, is it even legal to do so? Will I get in trouble for reciting a religious song in school? I don't want to be suspended or anything for something so silly, as I could pick a different song or something, but I really want to do this one because it has so much meaning for me. Thanks guys!


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    Hello young brother!

    I'm so glad that you, as someone so young, went looking for the truth and have found it. Most people your age won't do that and will stick with the bit of satisfaction they get in the world so it's so great to hear you found what brings true happiness.

    You will have to keep us all updated on your plans for baptism, post another question closer to the time and mention it, or send us all a message via our profiles. We'd love to know how it's going!

    In regards to your english assignment, I'd definitely do song #111. It means a lot to you (like it does many in the truth) and so i'd go for it. I can't see why you'd get into trouble, you aren't forcing your beliefs on your class are you? You are simply reciting a beautiful song. As someone else mentioned, you could also bring some tracts with you and if anyone is interested, leave them with one.

    Have a lovely day, and keep up the good work!

    Love your big sister,

    Psalms x

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    How beautiful to hear of your journey and experiences becoming a brother. That is a beautiful song, my hubby gets a tear in his eye each time he hears it thinking of an elderly brother we lost over a year ago. it was the song at his memorial.

    I am not sure about what the laws are but surely you wouldn't get into trouble for expressing your faith? I have read many experiences from youths who have made poems in school and been commended for it. I know here in Australia there isn't a problem but honestly not sure about other countries.

    If you are concerned just ask your teacher before class. Feel free to drop me a line too through my profile, I have a few goodies as well

    All the best with your baptism. Our assembly is coming up the weekend after next and I am really looking forward to it.

    Your sister in Australia


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    If you have access to them, you might like to take along some related tracts,

    or give out the URL to this one:

    "What Hope for Dead Loved Ones?"

    Such a witness often precedes questions asked by listeners! (:

    The song you have chosen has deep meaning for me, also.

    I tear up whenever I try to sing it . . . but, that is true of several other k-songs, too!

    You won't be teaching the Bible, just reciting song lyrics based upon it.

    I *think* it is actual religious instruction --by teachers during class-- that is forbidden.

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    Hi there! :) That is an excellent song and it could prove to be a good witness and an expression of your faith before those in your class including your teacher. You should not get in any trouble for singing or reciting the song, that is, as long as you don't claim it as your own (I joke). Keep up your good spiritual progress and never look back. May your faith continue to increase to the praise of Jehovah God and in honor of our Lord Christ Jesus. The future is oh so bright! :)

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    Good to hear some nice refreshing information and from a sister, I wish you the best. :)

    I love to write poems and writing ones about your feelings of the New System and seeing our loved ones resurrected is the best kind. I have many on file.

    I would use the song, or even take the song and write your own spin on it. That way you can truly say it is yours.

    Have you heard it on Youtube?

    Youtube thumbnail

    If you would like to email me, I can give you some of my poems to help you to write your own. ~Zeb

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    If you aren't baptized yet, do yourself a favor and examine You have nothing to lose, if you examine it, and check the references provided and feel Watchtower faithfully represents itself get baptized. Just remember, that if you get baptized and come to realization years later that you weren't told the whole truth and decide to leave watchtower, you will lose everyone you know including your JW family members. Truth can stand on it's own, and if you prove claims to be lies through actual research your faith will be strengthen. Truth doesn't change - remember that. Theories change but theories are to be tested and questioned.

    You can't witness to anyone, because the world doesn't take witnesses seriously. When you compare how many people heard of Mayan prophecy or Harold Campings crazy end of the world nonsense and compare what people know of JW after them preaching some 100 years, you'll be surprised that majority of people don't have a clue what JW preach, nor do they care. Want test this, ask kids at your school who you haven't preached to and see if they know anything about your beliefs?

    If Watchtower wanted to really get the message out, they wouldn't be worried about cashing out of NY and downsizing printing and reinvesting money into better returning assets, they would be spending all they have on advertising the message through means that actually reach people IF they honestly believed their message was true. And they would trust in God for sustenance as they tell JWs to do. How many people do you reach in a year vs how many people could they reach if they advertised at prime time or during super bowl half time? Don't let fear and superstition of being tempted by the devil as they told you hold you back from examining the colorful Watchtower past.

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    Thumbs up for you. Nice going.

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    Yeah. Thanks. Whatever.

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