No boot sector on internal hard drivve?

My family just ordered a Dell Latitude D630 online for a friend and ask me to set it up. I plugged it in to charge and press the power button. it started to load but then said that there was no boot sector on internal hard drive. I didn't come with a CD or anything. I don't know what to do because I myself have a mac. HELP

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  • 7 years ago
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    Black screen with a blinking white cursor is guaranteed to mean hard drive failure.

    Error messages telling you that you need to replace the hard drive as you install the operating system means get a new hard drive and start over.

    But "no boot sector" can mean that the hard drive was never set up or it can mean that the hard drive is starting to go bad.

    Was it supposed to have a clean install of Windows on it or was it shipped formatted? Your family should review the ad that they bought it from to see if it included the operating system or not.

    You have to be a registered owner to get a copy of the recovery disks from Dell (about $30 - I have the same computer) or you can check eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist for a copy of the operating system on the Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity on the bottom of the laptop and install it that way - then get the drivers off Dell Technical Support (easiest way is to let the webpage scan for the Service Tag and sort out the drivers, BIOS updates, and so forth for that particular computer by operating system and download ONLY the ones needed). It will mention installing them in the recommended order - print the page, write the ID numbers of the drivers under the correct category as they are downloaded, and then install them in the recommended order.

    It makes a huge difference in how well the computer works if they are in the recommended order instead of any other order...been there, done that, started over with a clean install of Windows to correct my mistake. BIOS update is optional - but does improve battery life and a couple of other things - A_17 unless you plan to leave it running Vista, then A_18 is the reccommendation from Dell.

    If you want to install Windows 7 - it may be cheaper to get an upgrade disk with an activation code and install it over the operating system (XP or Vista) that it has an activation code for on the COA on the bottom of the laptop.

    Source(s): Dell D630 user - refurbished & upgraded it myself
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  • 3 years ago

    set your cd/dvd/blu-raycontinual because of the fact the 1st boot gadget (do this on your bios) then insert an OS setting up disc and reboot then setting up the OS to your annoyingcontinual (in case you have already got an OS put in and are recieving this mistake then maximum probable the boot loader has been damanged and could be re-put in, your OS setting up disc might have a "fix" feauture) (in case you have bumped off the different annoyingcontinual(s) on the grounds that setting up your OS this might additionally be the reason as abode windows OS's setting up boot stuff to the 1st booting annoyingcontinual whether the actually OS is put in on a distinctivecontinual)

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  • 7 years ago

    This is usually a sign of a hard drive failure.

    Demand a refund.

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