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Who was Jesse James (Outlaw)?

I know he was a train robber, etc.

But why is he so famous? Why is he more popular than the other outlaws in the U.S?

Also, was he an intelligent man, because all those robberies couldn't be done by an idiot if he is to go that famous?

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    Jesse and his brother Frank joined a band of Confederate bushwhackers/guerillas and took part in some seriously brutal and bloody raids. When the Civil War was over, the boys, like so many others in their circumstances, found it much easier to become outlaws that to struggle to find work. They gathered a few like-minded punks into a gang and set out to enrich themselves by hook or by crook. They scored some spectacular bank and train robberies - and actually had the support of a good many ordinary folks in that part of the country. Many of those folks had lost jobs, land, family as the Civil War crushed the Confederacy, and were extremely resentful. The railroads represented the "Evil Yankees" to them, as did the bankers - so as long as the James Boys hit only railroads and banks, most folks in that region would not go out of their way to help apprehend the outlaws. Their gang folded, but the brothers actually saved enough of their loot to retire on at a relatively young age. And I'm sure you've read about Jesse being shot in the back by that coward named Ford.

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