Award Wages for 20yr old in Queensland....?

My 20 yr old son has been working for the last 4 days for cash in hand, for one of our so called friends. They are self employed and primarily lay carpets. He has been doing 10hrs per day, working really hard and they are happy with him. However, they are trying to rip him off, and take advantage of his situation. (Its a long story) He had hit rock bottom and was in with a bad crowd for a long while but now thanks to the help of his sister and brother in law, is totally on the right track and wanting to get his life together. These people first offered him $20 ph and he agreed. Then they said $50 a day (for 10hrs) lol I dont think so.....Anyway they came back with $20 ph and as I said, he started this week. The problem is, that they havent paid him yet and are still arguing and being very nasty over when or how much THEY WILL DECIDE to pay him. He doesnt want to walk away until he gets paid, but it may well be the best thing to do. So my question is, how much is the award wage or how much should they be paying him per hour ?? He has been on his hands and knees all week laying carpet. I have tried to google Award wages Qld labourer, but cant seem to find anything that leads me to any specific amount. Can anybody help me out ? Thanx in advance.

The old moral still exists:- Don't mix business with friends / family

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    The Federal minimum wage for a 20 year old is $15.59/hour. Casual workers who don't get holiday or sick pay usually get a casual loading of 23% on top of that for a total of $19.176/hour. The Queensland minimum may not be exactly the same but it can't be lower than the Federal rate and won't be much higher if indeed it is higher..

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    Queensland Award Wages

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    I'm thinking that I'm going to be a bad parent from the answers to this one. If it was my daughter I would tell her to use protection and accept the boyfriend into my house and treat him the same way I would any boyfriend. Even if something bad is happening I would rather have some control then have my daughter run away and get pregnant with a guy like that. Besides she'll probably be sleeping with a 14 year old if not a 20 year old by the sound of it. As I say I'll make a bad parent probably but at least I'll be able to ensure my kids use protection and don't end up messing up their lives over it.

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    If he's getting cash in hand they can give him what ever they choose to because he's not covered by any award. Even if it is totally unfair and a rip off.

    By working for cash in hand he is also taking the risk of, if he's injured at work or travelling to or from work and, not being covered by WorkCover.

    You're right when you say don't mix business (or anything to do with money) with "friends".

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