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以下一段you tube影片 約2分鐘


因為沒有字幕不知道意思 但很想知道教學內容

拜託了 求求大家

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    Hand Jive,

    The top 7 American hand gestures that can get you in trouble abroad.

    In the U.S. the thumbs up sign means "well done", or is commonly used by hitchhikers, but don't use it in Greece, Russia, Sardinia or West Africa, because you'll be insulting the recipient with a hearty "up yours".

    Many people use this sign to denote "Victory" or "Peace" in America, but use it in Great Britain, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand, and you'll be basically dropping the "F Bomb". Be careful with this.

    In the U.S. This sign means everything is Hunky Dory, but in Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Mediterranean, it means something very different, something along the lines of "you are a homosexual". In France and Belgium, it means the recipient is a "worthless zero".

    If you are in Greece, don't tell someone to stop buy also holding your hand, palm out and all five fingers at attention, you'll be telling them to go straight to hell.

    Jenna Bush was televised flashing this symbol in Norway to show her pride for Texas, not realizing she inadvertently telling the entire Mediterranean that their spouses are being unfaithful. The sign means cuckold, and is popular in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Colombia, Brazil, Albania and Slovakia.

    If you go to the Philippines, whatever you do, don't tell someone to "come here" by curling your finger forward and motioning repeatedly unless you want to get arrested. It's considered to be a gesture of fitting only usage on a dog and is punishable with jail time if used on a person.

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    Placing both hands out, palms down, fingers outstretched to settle a crowd or to tell people to wait is commonplace in the U.S., but in Greece, it means "Eat Sh!t", so be careful using those seven hand gestures abroad.

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    I swear to God I did not summon the voting troops. I've never gotten so many votes in one post here. This is really creepy!!!! in a good way though.

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    Hey Jim,

    I had a feeling you would be answering this question, so I saved the spot for you!

    What terrible patience you have!

    Good job!

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