I am an employee of Walmart Inc. and had my bike stolen within the building what do I do?

Is Walmart liable for it? It was a $1500 bmx bike and if it was in fact stolen from within the building and can be verified via security camera are they obligated to pay for it? I'm worried.


Where I put my bike is where other people put their bikes. It is the designated spot for them because they were getting stolen from out side of the building. This is why I as well as other employees put their bikes there also. Its a Sams' Club.

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  • 7 years ago
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    $1500 bike, no lock? But at walmart! But didnt get a $9.99 lock.

    There's usually a disclaimer in your contract and employee locker room that it's not Walmarts fault for any "Lost or Stolen Propety". Same concept applies outside.

    Only chance would be;as stated above; if the bike was handed in direct possession of Walmart's services as a customer. Yes, an employee may become the customer.

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    The only way walmart would be held responsible for your bike is if your bike was getting work done on it within that building (such as, getting tires, etc) and if you were paying for those services to be done. A few questions.... 1) Did an employee steal your bike? If so, i'm sure there is a policy on stealing from the work place and that person would have to give the bike back to you. 2) Why was your bike in the walmart in the first place? If you knew you were at risk of getting it stolen, why did you not have the bike locked up and kept in a safe place? 3) is there a way for you to identify the person who stole your bike? If you have a name, face, etc i'm sure the police can do an investigation and press charges.

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  • Yeti
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    7 years ago

    It would be helpful to know why you were even keeping it in the building in the first place, if you had locked it up, etc.

    Most places aren't going to accept liability for monitoring your $1500 bike when you come to work -- if you bring it, it's your issue, and it's your responsibility to lock it, etc. Unless there's something in your employment contract or their policies that says something like there's a secured employee area and they're responsible for maintaining it, etc., and they expressly gave you permission to keep your bike there... I wouldn't hold my breath.

    It's possible they have some kind of insurance to cover it, but I expect they're going to say it was your responsibility unless you can show they were somehow super duper negligent. At best, you might be able to convince them to give you a good deal on buying another bike through them. Highly unlikely they're going to be obligated to pay for you bringing that into the building and locking it how you locked it (or not), etc.

  • Jens
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    7 years ago

    If it was a designated spot, then that just means that you simply were allowed to place your bike there as opposed to not being allowed to leave it there. That doesn't mean that they took it into their custody as a service.

    It's the same if you pay "rent" for a place to put your bike. It's still your own obligation to secure it.

    If you pay them to "store" your bike (or use a specific service for such), then and only then are they responsible.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

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