Shall I start a business or go back to school?

I am 31 years old. I am a little bit lost in my life right now. I have spent eight years of my life working in fitness industry doing personal training and teaching fitness classes. I got fed up with it as it doesn't pay well and the hours that I work are all over the place. I started to see people in my age making a great living however financially I am not where I want to be in my life.

My first option is going back to school to get my masters degree to become a physical therapist, which is two years of schooling and by the time I am done I will be 34.

Or, Start to work with my sister as a mortgage broker. my sister is a very well known mortgage broker who has a very big data base. She recently had a kid and she is not very focused in her business. She wants me to work with her and take care of her clients as she doesn't have time.

On one hand, I like the profession of physical therapist as it is the extension of what I do right now. I know a lot about the filed as I worked in different clinic settings. I will never be jobless as the health filed is growing a lot and there is not much of uncertainty as of making living. The only uncertainty is if I would get accepted in grad school.

On the other hand, I the job that my sister does is financially very rewarding. However, I don't know if I will be as good as she is. Thinking about the doing her jobs, I have lots of doubts and I have hard time sleeping at night. I am a little scared of starting my own business. The feeling of uncertainty sometime gets me. I don't know how will it turnout. I am a little bit scared of my future. Is this a normal feeling for a business owner? Shall I eliminate all the doubts and get strong and move forward?

Please help me to make a wise decision. Please respond to this if you have ever been in my situation or you are a business owner and you dealt with uncertainties in life.


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  • 8 years ago
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    Dear Mr 31,

    Physical trainer is good job but as you are not getting paid when you deserved,

    I think make the swot analysis your self on the three papers

    1. Continuing the physical training work

    2. do the sis job

    3. start the Master in physical therapy


    If i can say the if you wana manage you can still manage three activities together along with your money problem getting resolve.

    Ever you think how many hours you have in week 168 out of which if sleep 8 hours at least than you have still 112 hours

    1. Try this way do your sis business in day or any time give it 40 hours a week

    2. Continue your education i.e master in physical therapy 10 hours per week is enough, and your master will be completed in three year rather than two i.e by 35 years

    3. continue with your physical training to some of the well paid customers at least 15 hours per week

    Still you have 47 hours per week for food, fun and relax

    Now looking to your problem you might feel it difficult but for the big picture you will achieve it seeing your skill i suggest you to do saving for future and start your own health care center where people get physical fit them selves along with relaxing they can get physical therapy at your station

    Good Luck

    There is always a way to pass thorough with the stressful situation either collapse or face it

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