Running two wireless access points?

My home is two stories and the modem is downstairs and my room is upstairs. I want to hook up another modem upstairs in order to gain another wireless access point. Can i do this? And how would I go about this? Also what is the best modem I could buy? I know i could try and run an Ethernet cord or whatever but i do not want to.

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    You only need one modem, you can use multiple routers or wireless access points.

    Unless you have experience in network configuration, it's not a good idea to use multiple routers unless you turn off the routing functions and use them as wireless access points. Your wireless signals will interfere with each other if they're operating on the same wireless channel. A router also acts as a DHCP server to assign IP addresses, you only want one DHCP service running.

    Wireless signals are affected by many factors including wall density, electrical interference, directional antenna range, etc.

    Depending on the size of your house and the factors listed above, you may need one or more wireless access points or wireless range extenders to cover all areas adequately.

    Wireless access points connect to the router via Ethernet (some models use a WiFi connection) and then broadcast a wireless signal. You can set it up with the same SSID or have multiple SSIDs. If you use the same SSID you should use non overlapping wireless channels such as 1, 6, 11.

    For example if you main router broadcasts on channel 1.

    Set your access point to broadcast on channel 6

    Devices such as wireless extenders can expand your wireless range if need be.

    Many brands of wireless extenders get good reviews. The brand is not as important as the model. Some manufacturers release a good model but the next is crap. I would look at the Amazon reviews of models that interest you. Even if you don't buy from Amazon the reviews will tell you a lot about which models to avoid. Look for at least 15 or more reviews with a 4 star or better rating. Read a few and see if they sound like the particular model will work for your application.

    The wireless range extender receives weak wireless signals and repeats them to extend the signal range to greater distances. Some models include 4 Ethernet ports in addition to the wireless radio.

    "Also what is the best modem I could buy?"

    A fast router or modem does not make your Internet faster.

    A router connects two separate networks and manage the traffic between them.

    In most home network applications the router connects your local group of computers and devices known as the LAN with the Internet, commonly called the WAN or Wide Area Network.

    Your WAN speed is determined by your ISP and is measured in Mbps (Millions of bits per second).

    For example if you pay for a 3 Mbps cable Internet connection, you will get 3 Mbps.

    No router will change your 3 Mbps speed. The high speed routers permit fast transfer of files between devices connected to your LAN, however WAN speed is still limited by your ISP.

    Good Luck...

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    You can probably purchase a second account from your ISP and get another modem and public ip address, and get double the total bandwidth.

    Or run an ethernet cord, or a wifi extender, and only pay once.

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    7 years ago

    No need. As I am answering you, I am using wifi from a router down two floors from me. It works fine.

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