Errors and warnings in Windows Administrative Events?

I got a call from some guys claiming to work for Microsoft and told me to do the following:

Click start>Right Click "My Computer">Left click "Manage">Double click "Event Viewer">Double click""Custom Views">Click on "Administrative Events"

On this page a lot of Error and Warning messages appeared (2,221 to be exact) and I have no idea what they mean. Are they really harmful or simply errors that Windows undergoes on a normal basis. Is my computer infected or something. I was offered to Pay from $80-$150 for these guys to fix it. I said no because it sounded a little too fishy since they had me look and check if there were any "errors" or "warnings" when they had said that there were. What should I do now? I have Norton Anti-Virus and a full scan indicates that I'm safe but those message and warnings are there and I want to know why and if there is anything that can solve it if it needs to be solved.


I have no problems with my computer as it runs pretty smoothly with little to no delay...

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  • 7 years ago
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    Now I looked at the computer and I have to write about 360 warnings, it's probably something normal that your computer is working :)

    And these people just wanted to deceive you and take the money. In any case, ask a friend who knows a little bit more from your computer and will make it better :) Greetings from Serbia

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  • 7 years ago

    Microsoft does not call users, unless you have filed an Error Report. They are scammers.

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