Has anyone ever been through the Menards Manager trainee program?

Can anyone give me some insight on what this program all entails. I am considering relocating to persue a career with this company but I want some more information before I take that jump. I was curious as to what you all do for training, how you progress through management and through the company as well. I was also curious as to what kind of pay, benefits, and bonuses they offer. In addition to these bits of info I would be interested in knowing you opinion of the program and the company itself. Do you regret it, would you recomend it to others??

Its a big decision to relocate and I just wanted to get as much facts as possible! Thank you for any answers you can provide!

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    Below are employee reviews of management training at

    “If the corporate was as concerned about their employees as they are the guest service, then I would never have left.” Former Department Manager in Mansfield, OH– Reviewed 3 days ago– New

    Pros – The things I liked most about the job as department manager were the people I worked with, the opportunities to move up, bonus pay, and the active work it provided. I made many friends that I still keep it touch with and use to get continued discounts on products when I go buy from the store. Its fairly easy to move up in the company and make some good money for retail. Working with the public, while stressful, was rewarding when they came back to get help from you on their next project.

    Cons – With the job being retail, the public can be tough to work with. They demand your attention even when they are simply to lazy to walk 8 feet to the display board that tells them what they need. The two worst things by far would have to be the constant degradation of morale in the store and the general office. If the store isn't hitting its number you had to cut people's hours to make payroll. When GO comes, every top level person freaks out and brings it out on the part timers. They are tick tacky over the stupidest things and do their best to make it awkward when working with people. While the ability to move up is great, it comes at a cost, you are at their whim to where and when you move up. I started as a management trainee, and was able to move to assistant in 3 months. I was offered a chance to open a new store in Ohio. They promised me the opportunity to either transfer or promote up in a minimum of 6 month, max 1 year. 6 months came, no go. Fine. At 1 year, they started putting transfer freezes on everyone and then when you were able to get an interview then they put up random excuses to keep you from moving. I had 5 interviews to transfer, everyone gave me pros and the ultimate con. Funny thing was that each con from the person was something that the other four said was a pro for me.

    “Very stressful” Former Department Manager in Wichita, KS– Reviewed Nov 6, 2012

    Pros – good pay, learned a lot about a variety of different products. Good resume builder.

    Cons – Long hours, store management seems to think that department managers and assistants are machines and assign way too many tasks. Dont expect to have very much time off. I worked at Menards for 8 years, worked in 3 different states and opened up 2 new stores, was terminated for allowing a guest to return a utv that was purchased only 2 hours before and had not been driven. Company culture seems very anti-employee and you are always walking on eggshells.

    “Improvement needed” Current Assistant Department Manager in Saint Cloud, MN– Aug 21, 2012

    Pros – Pay, nearly unlimited hours/overtime during busy season, profit sharing,

    Cons – Very restrictive: Taking a meal break longer than 35 minutes results in punishment.

    No consideration given to existing freight/overstock levels before sending more freight. "Good deal buys" often result in having much more freight on hand than room to store.

    Despite their claims about how confidentiality is important, store management and human resources desks are out in the open, accessible to any employee who happens to walk by...a lot of confidential employee documents left in the open until management finds the time to lock them up.

    Keeping payroll tight is so important that we are often left without enough staff to do our jobs effectively. Often the customer or store housekeeping suffers as a result.

    As a manager, I rarely if ever see my family on weekends because I typically work until store close, often not getting home until 11 pm.

    Advice to Senior Management – Longer meal breaks, more payroll, take existing freight levels and available storage room into account when sending freight. More flexibility with weekend hours.

    Source(s): College Career Instructor http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Menard-Company-Re...
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    Erhese statements are accurate from what I have learned. Another problem with the MT program is that the culture is a shock to most college graduates. They often times do not fit in with managers who started part-time and worked their way up. Systems are antiquated. The store is so busy that training is not always what it should be. If the GM doesn't like you, you're screwed. The GO sends their gestapo weekly to critique Dept's and the store as a whole. Rarely are they as friendly as they demand their team members to be. The expectations of the general office (GO) are impossible to meet 100% and as a result demotivating. Requiring relocation up to 10 markets as a condition of employment as an MT at under$12/hr is not realistic. Stores are pressured to find MTs or they get fined. You can have awesome sales numbers but if forecasted payroll did not have actual staffing to match actual sales your store visit from GO will have resulted in fines that they will take out of your annual bonu

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    The training will ultimately lead to a good managerial position . BEST OF LUCK !!

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    Yes I agree with what's been said so far

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