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A good 4 week itinerary for thailand?

Hey, I'm about to go to Thailand for 4 weeks with my friend. We would like to experience both, the north - nature and mountains, and the south, chilling on the beach. We dont need any party places, more like pure places.

Also, I wonder, if it is worth to book guest houses in advance, or if we will be able to get a good deal when we just knock on the door.

any other tips appreciated! thank you.

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    It is hard to book guesthouses in advance in Thailand because many of the cheaper places either don't have websites to make reservations or don't take them at all. As long as you are planning to stay somewhere with plenty of guesthouses around I don't think booking them the day before, or day of, will be difficult. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Lonely Planet travel guide for Thailand because they have lots of budget friendly options in there. I would recommend maybe booking your first night(s) stay ahead of time and then calling the next place once you get there on a payphone in your hostel/hotel just so you don't get stranded somewhere.

    If you want a relaxing vacation stay out of party towns and head for the more serene places. The area around Chiang Mai in the North is beautiful- I highly recommend Chiang Dao if you want to get out of the big city and into nature's beauty. They also have a really cool elephant preserve there where elephants paint pictures and do other amazing things! In the south, head for some of the islands rather than bustling Phuket. If you stay on Koh Phi Phi you can stay in guesthouses that are literally only accessible by fishing boat and it's incredibly beautiful. "Koh" means island in Thai so pretty much anything with Koh in front of it is a good bet. Koh Chang is elephant island and really lush, Koh Samui, & Koh Samet are also nice. Don't waste too much time in Bangkok- it is a big, dirty city and nothing special!

    Source(s): Lived in Thailand for 2 years and traveled extensively throughout the country!
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    Thailand Itinerary 4 Weeks

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    Would recommend booking ur first 1-2 nights in advance then just go with the 'flo'. It is relatively easy to find cheap clean places to stay without having to book in advance.

    Try searching and making a plan for your trip. You need to see Chank Mai for nature and mountains, Pattaya/Jomtien for the beaches and shopping < Phuket beaches slightly better much much more expensive>

    You will have a wonderful time, enjoy

    Source(s): Left the UK in Dec 2002, living in Pattaya
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    As to booking in advance, that might depend on the time of year you come - Thai holidays and tourist season, things can get tight.

    For inexpensive guesthouses, they likely do not list on internet but sometimes i see some amazingly cheap prices on some of the hotel booking cites. It might be worth your while to check it out but not book for too long - stay flexible and you can book from internet cafes when you are here too.

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    no longer something to agonize approximately i went backpacking solo and with somebody in all the worldwide places your making plans on going different than laos. vietnam is worth seeing for consistent with threat 2 or 3 days is adequate comparable KL no longer lots to work out or do. Thailand and cambodia are super places to pass to for single adult men. in the adventure that your going to phnom penn worth traveling martinis and the walkabout bar.. walkabout additionally has cleans aircon rooms for $10 to $30 for the desirable room with jacuzzi.. spoilt for selection for issues to do in Thailand from scuba diving, elephant hiking, tiger temple and lots greater.some days in bangkok is adequate Vietnam chu chi tunnels is stable and likewise boat holiday on the mekong delta which stops off interior the jungle the place u see coconut candy being made. Cambodia.. angkor wat temple, the killing fields is to no longer be neglected and additionally you will possibly be able to shoot rocket launchers ak47's and throw hand grenades into the water. KL you are able to pass to the highlands to the waterfall and jungle its alott cooler then the city that's warm and humid Im particular its extremely easy to %. up different backpackers.. you will meet a super variety of different backpackers on your travells

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