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Can a GC machine be used to determine the mount of CO2, NO2 and SO2/SO3 in a gas?

As far as I know, a GC has a sample holder which is suited for a droplet or a little piece of a solid, but not for gas? Or can some kind of an adaptor be added to the machine to test for these gases?

I am a chemical engineering student and busy helping with research

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  • 7 years ago
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    Gases can be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively on a gas chromatograph.

    I quantitated O2, CO2, and N2 in solution on a GC-MS. Standards were different volumes of a calibration gas standard injected manually with a gas-tight syringe. The samples could just as well have been gas samples injected the same way as the standards.

    The typical detector used for gas analysis on a GC is the thermal conductivity detector (TCD). In the GC vendor literature, gas analytes are often referred to as "permanent gases". Here's an example from one such vendor:

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