what do i do in order to turn myself in for a federal probation violation in CA?

my friend has recently moved here to california from arizona and was on federal probation in arizona and in the process of swapping over to a new probation officer here in california from arizona when he decided to go out to arizona to pick up some of his belongings w/out notifying his new P.O. that he was going to do so.. while out in arizona he was involved in a car accident and was taken to jail for suspicion of DUI. he was then bailed out and he returned to california and contacted his P.O. out here in order to see what was going to happen.. his p.o. told him he needed to go on 6 months house arrest or contact his p.o. in arizona to see of any other options. well, to say the least, he didn't follow through quickly enough and u.s. marshalls showed up at his parents and aunt and uncles houses in arizona looking for him. he then contacted his p.o.'s here in ca and out in AZ and they both instructed him to turn himself in. he is somewhat clueless to the process of turning himself in as am I. does he need to set a court date somehow? does he just go to any jail? or maybe a sherrif's station? what does he do?

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  • 7 years ago
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    He either needs to turn himself into his PO or any law enforcement office (usually sheriff or police department). As soon as he turns himself in, he will be jailed.

  • 7 years ago

    Tell him to contact his p.o. in CA and they will tell him who to turn himself in to. Or, he could wait and be late again and in even more trouble. Geez!! : /

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