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Traditional gender roles and how they have changed?

I don't think male gender role has changed much. The role of protector and provider. We still like to work and be successful, we still have the male instinct to protect women and children. A lot of our identity is equated to what we do for a living. For the most part men haven't changed much IMO. Over the last 10 years it seems that a number of men are starting to rebel and no longer want to treat women like women anymore or are dating non western women that are still old school.

The female gender role has changed significantly over the last 20-40 years. Many women are now professional women and feel that their identity is like a man's identity; her career. Professional women have higher standards and want their man to be >= to them in professional success; a dependant man is very unattractive. The idea of cooking, cleaning, being a wife and a mother now seems looked down upon by women, but not by men. "If I am making just as much or more money then him why should I be the one doing the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of him?" Honestly I can see that point easily. But I will be honest in return, that isn't what attracts a man to a woman.

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    Yes, you make an excellent point - women's roles have changed and men's largely haven't. I think it's the old seductive romantic idea of chivalry that is somehow wired itself to our consciousness. Society is in a state of flux and the heterosexual couple is kind of stuck in the middle.

    I get that it would be great to have your own personal maid and I would like it too but if you fall in love with a professional woman and you have to do a bit housecleaning and make the occasional meal in order for her to have a bit of downtime, is that so bad? It's only fair. If you have kids, wouldn't it be great if you actually made time to be there for them? I understand a change in roles for men might be a tough sell but it's necessary really for the family to continue into the future.

    Demon is not being fair when he say that men do not have the option in taking on female traditional roles - it's just that they do not WANT to so then he is blaming women for not wanting too and it's all their fault for destroying the family - isn't that kind of ironic?

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    It is an issue for women who want to have children because most are in the middle of their education or just getting into a good career by the time its a good idea to have children.

    I would say in-between 20-30 at-least is a good time and it really sucks because if you aren't very on schedule with your career and saving, you may not be ready by 30 and have to wait to have kids in the years after.

    I wanted to have kids atleast by 25 but there is a slim chance that would happen.

    Degree's take years then you want to have your job from your degree for years to save before you even consider having kids. You'd want to have a house, a car, all of the good stuff, but its pretty hard to achieve all of that plus a good amount of savings for the child by that age.

    I doubt I am going to even have kids because of this but at-least I will have money and alot of assets.

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    7 years ago

    You are correct women today think they are men and have basically abandoned crucial functions like child rearing which nobody is doing right now. Men's role has remained the same and now that young women are earning more than men new problems are being created. These career women are not only getting married later and having fewer children or no children but much of the time are not getting married at all because women tend to marry up and there are now few men that are earning more than they do. So women may have gained in one area but they have created numerous new social problems that have never existed before like plummeting birth rates and high divorce rates, the family unit has been destroyed by and large, which was in fact one of the goals of feminism as families were seen as oppressive institutions to women. So let women have their careers because they will have little else to look forward to in their futures. Of course feminists are blamming men for these problems and numerous books are being written about it for example "Where have All The Good Men Gone?" and "Manning Up: How The Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys" I guess these new, strong, independent women can't seem to handle their new found independence and once again its our fault.

    @ Hannah - Men do not have the option to take on women's roles sorry. A male midwife? Sorry I dont see many guys taking that road.

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    7 years ago

    I made more than my husband initially and still cooked, and did the dishes/laundry. Like I said in my answer to your previous Q, it's not that black and white. I don't find being a mother and a wife demeaning. My family means the world to me and I would be lost w/o them.

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    I don't really agree at all. Lots of women still fulfil the motherly role in terms of looking after the children much more than the father - as now it is so common for couple to split up and divorce that men do not provide for the family anymore.

    Professional women tend to be with professional men, and so are still taking on the parental role more than their husbands, as well as also being financial providers (and then also being told they are being bad mothers for having childminders and nannies - no one criticises men for getting childcare).

    Personally I have been threatened and abused by men much more than been 'protected' by them - women are more supportive and help other women when men give us grief.

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    They haven't? Think again.

    20 years ago it was unheard of for a man to work as a nurse, a receptionist, or as a retail clerk, now those "positions" are 50% men, and women are working in jobs that were male dominated. The men who work in those positions are underpaid because women look at them as jobs that are beneath them, and men have become less of a provider than you think, 25 years ago, all men made it on their own, today allot of men are weak willed and need a woman to give them a hand. So don't say they haven't changed, if you do, then I suggest you take your head out of the sand.

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    Gender roles are getting outdated. As women go to college and push having kids later. This is why I think they say gender roles have to do with class. Gender roles are probably prevalent in the south idk and other conservative areas

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    For the most part, male gender roles have not changed. Women's roles have. We now bring in an income, take care of the house, the family, the husband, cook, clean, get up in the night with sick children, run all the household errands, take care of homework, bills, etc...

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    7 years ago

    Male roles haven't changed really, apart from the fact they now have the option of taking on "female" ones without seeming weird. Ie househusbands and nurses, midwives etc

    Females, on the other hand have come on in leaps and bounds, thanks to feminist movements, fighting for women to have the same chances as men.

    It's not that women are "taking over", we are just catching up to do the same things you can. And why not??

    Source(s): LOL Demon, actually, THEY DO. They are already midwives, whether you believe it or not. https://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=mle+midwif... Try google, you might learn a thing or too. Idiot
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