With the additions of Brandon Sutter and Tomas Vokoun, is it safe to say that the Penguins will...?

Finish ahead of the Flyers in the standings? The old hag Jagr is out of that rat hole (can you blame him? Who goes to Philly in hopes of a championship?). The Pens upgraded, the Flyers downgraded. Can yoy say: Penguins win Cup #4? Can you say: Losers since 1975?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Probably. Obviously Pens additions were not blockbuster but I'd take Vokoun over Brent Johnson as my backup goalie any day. Sutter-Staal trade will not benefit Pens for 2014, but will in the next few years. Flyers have an inconsistent starter with an injury-riddled defence but a very nice offence. For all these reasons, I'd agree that Pens are the safe bet. Still, if they were to meet New York in the playoffs, I like the Rangers' chances better. They have very few weaknesses, a very deep blueline, a potent attack, and potentially the best starting goalie in the NHL. However, Pens still have a decent shot at the Cup, definitely more than the Flyers anyway...

  • 8 years ago

    i expect crosby to light it up this year. His concussion is behind him and apparently he has been working out like crazy. If he plays to his potential, the penguins will be dangerous. Pens have more top end talent, flyers have more depth. Which will come out on top, well just have to wait and see.

    btw, Jagr has nothing to do with anything, and since you are a pens fan you should appreciate what he has done for your organization. Flyers also beat you last season in the playoffs, so I would keep my mouth shut for now.

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    8 years ago

    OK I watch the Caps all the time and last year all I can say is Vokoun sucks. He isn't consistent like before and can't do anything in big games. I went to the Caps @ Kings game last season and Vokoun got sniped like five times five hole and he got pulled. I was thinking "Holy s--- this guy is horrible". If it weren't for Holtby the Caps would've been swept by Boston if they used Vokoun instead. A backup goalie does not bring a Stanley Cup to a team. Stop fooling yourself.

  • 8 years ago

    If Sidney Crosby can stay healthy then they should be the favorites to win the cup this year. The two new additions will help a lot.

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