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what is the difference between tehcnical analyst/chartist,market analyst and strategist ?

what i meant with strategist is a person who uses strategies in their trading method ( e.g. like in options, there're straddle,strangle,etc) for options/stocks/etfs/futures

i'm asking the difference in trading method

please give me detail information please

thank you

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    Use Investopedia or Wiki to define financial terms:

    Definition of 'Technical Analyst'

    A technical analyst, or technician, is a securities researcher who analyzes investments based on past market prices and technical indicators. Technicians believe that short term price movements are the result of supply and demand forces in the market for a given security. Thus, for technicians, the nature of the security is less relevant than the current balance of buyers and sellers. Based on careful interpretation of past trading patterns, technicians try to discern this balance with the aim of predicting future price movements.

    Investopedia explains 'Technical Analyst'

    Over time, technicians have developed a large toolbox of analysis techniques and indicators. In general, one technical indicator usually not seen as enough of a basis for making a trading decision. Rather, arrays of indicators are used to provide confirmation of a technician's hypothesis before taking action. There is generally no broad consensus on the best method of identifying future price movements, so most technicians gradually develop their own set of trading rules based on their knowledge and experience.

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    Chartered Market Analyst (CMA) Definition | Investopedia

    A professional designation awarded by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) to professionals who have at least seven years of experience in financial research and market analysis or a related industry. Chartered Market Analysts must first complete AAFM’s educational requirements and pass an exam. Educational requirements include an undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, financial services or insurance, a master’s or doctoral degree, or a CPA designation. Applicants must also complete an AAFM-approved executive training course.

    Investopedia explains 'Chartered Market Analyst - CMA'

    The study program to become a CMA covers topics such as profitability analysis, valuation techniques, pricing options and fixed-income derivatives, using software to solve finance problems and more. Successful applicants earn the right to use the CMA designation with their names, which can improve job opportunities, professional reputation and pay. Every year, CMA professionals must complete 15 hours of continuing education.

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    Definition of 'Market Strategist'

    A financial professional whose job is to make predictions about what will happen in the financial markets with the goal of guiding people toward profitable investment decisions. Market strategists use financial and economic data to attempt to anticipate everything from future stock performance to the federal funds rate to the return on 10-year Treasuries to which economic sectors will have the best and worst performance for the year.

    Investopedia explains 'Market Strategist'

    Investment banks, brokerage firms and financial services companies commonly employ market strategists. Despite what these professionals claim, it is not actually possible to predict the movement of stocks and other financial instruments. According to William J. Bernstein's book "The Four Pillars of Investing," market strategists have historically been incorrect about 77% of the time.

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