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Pet store is declawing all cats and kittens before adopting them?

So i've always thought that $200 for a pet store kitten was a lot of money for a domestic cat and they've always said that they were shelter pets but the put down the name of the shelter. Turns out the reason they charge so much is because they declaw all the cats and kittens before adopting them out. I signed a petition to stop it but is there anything else I can do, to get them to stop this cruel procedure?



This is where I learned of it, and it makes me mad that a pet shop would actually do this

Update 2:

I wouldn't mind paying $200 for a dog and really getting a pet vacinatted or getting a pet medical attention for cats and dogs does not cost that much where I am from since a shelter in my area made a low cost spay and neuter (they also give animals medical attention and do vaccinations) so because of this getting an animal medical care costs twice as less as it usually would.

Update 3:


Also they charge $400 for their dogs at the pet store

Update 4:


After reading the reviews it turns out they more then I even thought

They are charging $800 for their dogs (gasp..) and $275 for their 8 week old kittens and $250 for their i think 12 week and older kittens. I can't believe people would pay these prices for them and then to think of the fact that they are declawed beforehand it's just sick and wrong..

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    Contact Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, largest animal sanctuary in the U.S. They have massive resources that they might be able to hook you up with locally. I believe their website is bestfriends.org


    An adoption fee of $200 might be done for a dog although even that is high. Although $100 is not out of sight for a cat. You have no idea what shelters pay for vet bills to get cats healthy again to put them up for adoption. Even a small or moderate sized rescue group can spend thousands per month. This doesn't include the cost of pet foods and litter etc.

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    Thats evil of them, i don't have an answer im sorry but please get them to stop :(

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