For those that live in California, how do you like it? Comparing it to NY.?

I hate where I live and wish to move out once I find a decent job. Nothing against NY but I'm getting kind of bored. Would like to go to california, mostly in the LA area. Or somewhere an hour's drive away.


weather in ny is crap. summer is 100+ and winter snow.

How hot does California get?

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    New York and California are both large states that each have a multitude of cities and areas of various sizes, climates, affordability, and attractions. If you're comparing NYC to LA, then it's like apples to oranges, in the sense that they're both distinctly different but have enough similarities to at least belong to the same food group. If you're comparing Geneva, NY where you get a lovely four-bedroom house for $300,000 to LA then......there's no comparison. As for the weather, well that all varies dramatically based on the city. I mean, San Fran and Death Valley have extremely different climates. The weather in LA also depends on where you live. Along the coast it's significantly cooler than further inland. It's not uncommon for there to be a 20 degree difference between Santa Monica and Burbank in the summer

    My family moved to LA from the UK when I was four, and I've remained in California ever since except for one year that we lived in NYC. This is my pro and cons lists between the two:

    NYC Cons:

    - Costs. It actually manages to make LA look affordable. The cost of living is staggeringly high. A small one bedroom in an ordinary part of LA will usually cost you upwards of $1200 in rent, but in NYC it's not uncommon to pay $1800+ a month for a studio. The average cost of rent in NYC is currently a gut-punching $3418 a month. Other expenses like daycare, groceries, and parking (if you dare to own a car) are also higher. We were paying more for a smaller home there than in LA where we have a house with a nice yard.

    - Weather. It's often miserably hot and humid in the summer, and cold and bitter in the winter.

    NYC Pros:

    - Weather. They actually experience the four seasons of the year, and fall and spring are often glorious.

    - Sociability. Since few people drive in NYC, they tend to walk more places and to hang out in their neighborhoods more. This sort of creates a surprising small-town vibe in an enormous city. Within weeks of being in NYC we were familiar faces at the bodega, the Starbucks, Sarabeth's, the little hardware store, the park, and other places in our neighborhood.

    - Friendliness. New Yorkers are often stereotyped as being rude, aggressive, and unfriendly, but NYC has actually been ranked as one of the politest cities in the US. I also found most people to be really nice.

    - Ease of travel. You can hop on Amtrak and travel to multiple different states fairly easily, and if you ever want to go to Europe the flights are the cheapest and the shortest.

    - Culture. There are excellent museums, art galleries, restaurants, Broadway, and off-Broadway.

    LA Cons

    - Cost of living. It's not as pricy as NYC, but it's still substantially more than the national average.

    - Smog. Right now it's ridiculously beautiful in LA because the wind blew the smog away for a while and you can see all the mountains clearly, but in the summer you wouldn't even know the mountains existed because of the smog.

    - Traffic.

    LA Pros

    - It's naturally gorgeous Yes, parts of LA are filled with grime and graffiti and you have to look harder to find something pretty, but there are other parts that will make your heart sing. The oceans and the mountains create this dramatic, arrestingly beautiful scenery. You don't have to be a billionaire living in an expensive neighborhood to take it in. There are scenic drives, public hiking trails, and plenty of beaches.

    - It's a natural playground. If you're an active person you can do all kinds of water sports, mountain bike, hike, or drive a couple of hours up into the mountains for winter sports.

    - Weather. We have a lovely Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers that are usually not oppressively hot, and sunshine the majority of the year.

    - Jacaranda season. To me this is the best time of the year. It's in May when there are jacaranda trees in bloom with their purple petals scattered everywhere.

    - Culture. We have it, too. We also have fantastic museums, and some of ours are free. A lot of people don't realize it, but LA also has some great theaters. We also have the iconic Hollywood Bowl and the Greek where some of the best concerts ever are held, and Coachella is within easy driving distance and basically something everybody young and interesting does here.

    Bahaha. My answer is so long. I need to be back in school already without so much free time.

    ~ skylark

  • Mmm...I don't like it, to be honest. I'd move if I could, but I can't. I was raised here all my life so I've been able to see pretty much everything. We have ridiculously high taxes. It's horrible. I think they're the highest in the nation, but I might be wrong. Living is very expensive here. Oh, and our unemployment rate is pretty bad so you'll have quite a difficulty getting a job here. The traffic is the thing I probably hate the most. If you don't like traffic, don't move to LA. I live in a suburb and even I often run into traffic a lot of the time. We do get snow but pretty much only in the higher elevations (Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, Idyllwild, and Mammoth are some places where it snows a good amount). It snowed once where I live in SoCal in 2004 but it's a very rare occurrence.

    I haven't been to Northern California much but I've heard the summer weather is a little less hot. I went to San Francisco in July a few years ago and it was about 60 degrees and windy but I can't say what it's like year-round really.

    Make sure you know everything you can about California before you decide to move here. Chances are, California won't make you any more satisfied than New York does.

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    Living in california is cool. I've lived in LA my whole entire life and I'm bored with it, so it's not just you. LA is cool but it is very huge and made up of way more than hollywood. So if you move here make sure you know which area your moving to. Some cities near LA I enjoy are venice, santa monica, burbank, and hollywood hills. These are suitable for living and not far from LA but are not cheap. We usually get around 80° to mid 80° weather, and it's winter so we average around 60°-70° weather. In the summer we hit the 90° and we have our 100° days too. I love california simply because theres no place like it. Of all the places I've been, there is no place like california seriously. If you want snow you can go to big bear, if you want the beach than you can go anywhere, if you want a country side you can go to poway. It's like everything concocted in one. Even though I am tired of LA, I still love it.

    Source(s): Born and raised LA girl.
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    I never been to ny but isnt it kinda similar? Idk lol. Anyways la is an alright place to be, a lot of stuff to do i guess. You get bored with it after a while though.the weather depends on where you lets say beverly hills or west la or something, the highest in heat average would probaby be like 80 degrees at most occassionally 90. If you were to live in like the san fernando valley, probably like 80s and 90s and probably occasionally 100s .

    Source(s): I went to middle school in the valley, go to school in westwood, lve in la
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    You could try living in L.A. for a year or so, and really get to know the area, then if you miss New York, you could always move back. Possibly you could stay in L.A. for several months (monthly rate hotel, etc.) and see how you like it. The east coast is fine in the summer, but from about Nov.- early March east coast weather can be really depressing (weather wise).

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    i like san jose because of fact there's a huge vietnamese and asian indian community there and interior the bay section. greater black human beings too. necessary cali is in lots of cases agricultural southern cali has l. a. and san diego. l. a. is stable for much less costly apartments and a super variety of job grants. San Diego is next to Tijuana the place you will get stable dental artwork carried out for much less costly. we've the mojave desert, yosemite nationwide park, lake tahoe and a few organic and organic hippie varieties up in Santa Rosa--Sebastapol section besides as Ojai, CA--super yoga center Santa Barbara is a cool coastline city with a magnificent college I stay in Ventura County, have lived in Bakersfield, Santa Clara, San Diego County, and traveled with the aid of, visited and camped appreciably everywhere in the state different than for the furthest north areas the place the redwood wooded area are

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    I have a love/hate with California. I love the scenery, but I hate the high cost of living. You're getting a Kia for a Mercedes Benz price in California.

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    Way too hot and humid in ny. I'll stay with the northern left coast.

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