when i save my psd file into jpeg file using photoshop, the resolution of my jpeg is different from psd, why?

when i save my psd file into jpeg file using photoshop cs5 , the resolution and size of my jpeg file is different from my psd file(resources)..what is happening?


here's the situation of my problem, i made some design using photoshop cs5, the image size that i made is (width : 60cm, height : 40cm, resolutions : 300 pixel).

and when i saved into jpeg file the image size changed into (widht : 76cm, height : 50cm, resolutions :240 pixel), why???

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  • 7 years ago
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    The pixel resolution should not change. However, the level of sharpness may change, because JPEG files are compressed using a lossy form of compression, whereas PSD files are not. Likewise, since JPEG files are compressed, a JPEG file containing a specific image will be smaller than a PSD file containing the same image.

    PSDs also contain things like layers, which can greatly increase their size. The layers cannot be stored in a JPEG file, because it has only one "layer."

  • 7 years ago

    JPEG files are compressed while saving the file in photoshop. So there will be slight changes in the final image. Try saving it in .png or .tif as they have better compression ratios.

    You can also try maximize the resolution you want by going to:

    Image>Image Size>Resolution - and set the required res

    Also maximize the Quality in the JPEG Options while saving (large file) and change the Baseline as 'Optimized' under the Format option in the same window.

    This should help i guess.

    Check the Canvas size as well

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