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What type of bike should I get (mountain, comfort, cruiser, etc.)?

I'm going to be living in a big city and biking as one of my main forms of transportation. The city I'll be living in is a pretty flat landscape, but it gets pretty snowy and icy in the winter. Also what are the best brands in the $150 - $250 range?

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    $150 to $200? That's it? Used. IF you can find a good one in that low of a price range.

    HELLO Rumpelstiltskin. Wake up. This is 2013. Not 1980.

    Look for a bike with 700C size road tires - like a hybrid or road bike. Bicycles do NOT go well on ice or snow. On ice - nothing does. Ride the bus.

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  • 7 years ago

    mt bike

    road bike

    go to a bike store

    but bring about $650

    $250 bikes are just a waste of money


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