Is extreme burning in the eye, a sure sign of pink eye?

My sons have pink eye, I took them to there doctor and they were prescribed eye drops. There eyes were not red or pink. But complain of extreme burning. Well they are about finish with the meds.And here I am with extreme burning eyes and a bit of gunk in the morning. So I went to the doctor, because it hurts that much and he said since my eyes were not red/pink since the 4 days ive had symptoms its not pink eye. Here I am, in a daze in pain and with no eye meds! advice is this pink eye too??


there is not a whole lot of gunk, but its a greenish color and in the morning they are a little stuck together. I just dont think its coincidence that I get this as my children have it?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    It sounds like pinkeye, are the eyes stuck together? With sort of dry crusty gunk?

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