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Did you know that only ~15% of guns used by criminals were obtained legally by them?

"About 40 percent of guns used by felons nationwide before their admission to state or federal prison were stolen or bought on the street...Another 40 percent were obtained from friends or family, leaving about 15 percent purchased in stores and 5 percent acquired in other ways."

Do you REALLY think laws limiting access to guns will stop gun violence?

If the fear of going to jail over a new gun law was going to stop the crimes, wouldn't the laws against murder and assaults etc have already stopped the crimes?



My link does that for me.

And they site U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Update 2:


Firstly the crimes involving guns don't always end in a murder.

Secondly, a good number of familial homicides would probably fall into the second 40% category listed, wherein the shooter didn't buy the gun, but obtained it from a family member (i.e. grabbed it from the closet).

Update 3:


accidental shootings are not included in the statistics tracking felons convicted of crimes involving guns.

Update 4:



There were only 9,146 gun related homicides in 2009

And in 2005 there were only 789 accidental gun deaths.

Where on Earth are you getting the 30,000 annual gun deaths from?

(I sure hope you aren't including suicides....because making guns disappear will not stop a suicide)

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    No. I still disagree. How do they know about the ones that aren't recovered?

    Honestly, it shouldn't take a genius to think that out. But then, it seems that everyone thinks that I'm one, so maybe it does. :)

    I spent my life around the military and government/LE community. Maybe that is where I learned to question everything. Anyway, it's easy to get a firearm, or anything else that's illegal, if you simple apply yourself to doing it. Look at illegal drugs, and how long the "War on Drugs" has been going on. Most that are abused aren't legal drugs, they're completely illegal, and still find their ways into the US. If the ban on them hasn't worked, what idiot would think a ban on firearms or bombs would?

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    So, let's start with the fact that what you're saying and what the article's saying are two different things. The article does not say "15% of guns used by criminals were obtained legally," it says "15 percent purchased in stores." That does not include all legal avenues, like gun shows or straw purchases. Those two are covered in the article as well, at least partially: "5 percent acquired in other ways" and, far more importantly, "40 percent of guns used by felons nationwide before their admission to state or federal prison were stolen or bought on the street...Another 40 percent were obtained from friends or family." I'm not saying 100% of all guns are acquired legally, but I guarantee that a significant chunk of these statistics include these two exemptions, both of which mean that these criminals acquired their guns legally, which makes the statement explicit in your question fallacious on its face. The actual amount of people who acquire their guns legally before committing crimes with them is far higher than 15%.

    But even if that was true, 15% is still a significant figure. What's also not included in that article is the number of gun deaths coming from this group, but even if we assume that this is only 15% of the overall 10,000 total, that's still 1,500 people whose lives could be saved as a result of removing these guns from their possession or even just reducing access.

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    Another Y!Aer who cannot understand his own statistics. The statistics reported come from the 2002 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics report. That report does not say that only 15% of guns used by criminals were lawfully obtained, it says that 15% of guns used in crimes which resulted in prison sentences in 2002 were purchased in stores. That figure thus does not include lawful purchases at the gun shows the NRA wishes to maintain. In fact, the report says that only 40% of guns used in crimes that resulted in prison sentences in 2002 were obtained either unlawfully or on the street--and street sales may or may not be illegal depending upon state law. So, what the statistics actually show is that in 2002, 40% or fewer of guns used in crimes resulting in prison sentences were obtained unlawfully.

    The linked article also says, "They [researchers] say changing demographics, improved law enforcement techniques, stronger laws dictating who can legally buy guns, increasing incarceration rates, and falling gang violence, among other factors, have driven down gun injuries and deaths [in California]."

    Note that I am not taking any position upon the meaning of these statistics--only pointing out what they ACTUALLY say. If you are going to disagree with this, please point out where the actually statistics show anything different from what I have stated.

    Source(s): 35+ years as a criminal defense attorney
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    Okay, if 85% of those guns in criminal hands are not purchased by them legally, then someone is very careless about taking care of their guns and not allowing them to end up in criminal hands. This includes friends and family, obviously, and people having their guns stolen because they may not have been adequately secured. What is the NRA doing about that? It's not good enough to just say criminals will always get guns. Eventually, it must be made harder for those criminals to get those guns. Otherwise we are just hiding our heads in the sand and giving up.

    Edit: Since you ask, that 30,000 deaths from firearms per year is pretty accurate, and includes suicide, homicides, and accidental shootings in the USA. It is a deplorable number.

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    the question relatively is why does every physique choose an AR15? i mean relatively the 2d exchange ought to be bumped off it purely has no evaluate todays international in reality it is not significant how many AR15s the well-known public has thta if the U. S. government had to create a tyrany there is not any quantity of AR15s that could end them. the Taliban are greater ideal armed and greater ideal knowledgeable and purely get slaughtered by employing the U. S. militia in head on clashes. what desire could any civilian have against the completely knowledgeable us militia in the event that they desperate to enforce some random tyranical regulations with an AR15? c'mon be extreme what's the purpose of having it the sole threat they face are to different civilians. prepare me a valid reason to have them and those human beings could have them it is all that truly needs to be in place. having them for the sake of having them is purely stupid.

  • Arnie
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    Drugs and drunk driving have been against the law for years and that does not help.

    Having a gun will not help all the time but being defenseless will never help..

    Isn't it better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it!!

    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again."

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    So? There are over 30k gun deaths in the US each year. 15 percent of that is 4,500. I guess cons figure 4,500 dead bodies are a small price to pay so they can indulge their gun fetish. Especially since it's somebody else who pays the ultimate price fo rtheir selfishness

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    Guns don't kill people, people kill people simple as that.

    No matter how many limitations are put on guns this statement will always remain 100% true, until they invent "smart guns" that can think on their own".

  • Anonymous
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    Actually you cannot support that claims.

    The overwhelming number of murders by guns is in a home by another family member who legally obtained the gun. And those murders are the largest category of murders committed by guns.

  • Anonymous
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    A simple classifications of guns would suffice. Military guns for military and civilian guns for civilians.

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