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What size drill bit to use?

What size drill bit should I use for screws that are 10 x 3/2? These will be going through a 2x2 piece of wood, help please, thanks in advance!!


Sorry, it's supposed be 10 x 3 1/2 not 3/2

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    3/32 drill bit

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    The actual size hole size is a no. 9, about 3/16.

    I thought you were trying to fit a #10-32 machine screw the first time. A 3/16 will give let a #10 wood or sheetmetal screw to slide right through, if you want the threads to bite on the way through the 2x2 then use a 5/32, or 1/8 and wobble it a bit when drilling.

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    3/16 to 1/4

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    Here's an easy way to tell without remembering what drill bit works for each screw size. hole the screw up to a light then hold a drill bit up along with it. You want a bit that's the size of the metal left in between the threads. This can very a little depending on if your going into hard or soft wood.

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    the 5/32 is the correct drill size for harder materials. (oak, maple, as well as PVC etc)

    i.e. the diameter of the drill should be equal to the shank diameter. shank is the screw where there is NO thread.

    using the drill diameter equal to the minor diameter of the screw is OK with very soft materials (pine, cedar) but so is using NO predrilled hole in such situation.

    do not "wobble" when drilling. it messes the hole up.

    chose the drill size depending on the material!

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