Latin sounding names for an angel in a book?

My friend is writing a book and we are having trouble figuring out a name for the angel in it. He wants something in Latin or similar...He's blonde with blue eyes and is chiseled and has scars. He's a good angel. A warrior and a protector. His wings were ripped from him and such. We have somewhat of a list of words but we can't figure out what sounds decent and can be shortened as well. For example, Samael. It can be shortened to Sam but Samael is an angel of death. Which doesn't abide by the character. He doesn't want One that's been used in the bible or other ones from different religions or is super popular like Raphael, Ariel, Azazel, Michael etc. Suggestions please???

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  • 8 years ago
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    Altus -meaning high in Latin.



    Patrick, some form of patronus (protector in Latin)

    Tueor, Tuitus - both mean protect

    Incid - fall into

    Cadet- fall

    Occider - a form of the word that means fall

    Vix- Scarecly (off topic)

    Miles - soldier

    Source(s): I take Latin and did a bit of research
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    8 years ago

    Aloisius (or Aloysius) which is latin for famous warrior

    Athanasius which is latin for immortal

    Nicon which is latin for conquest and victory

    Summanus which is Roman for nighttime

    Theophylactus which is latin for god-guard

    Ursinus which is latin for bear-like (the character sounds cute but with harsher features like a bear)

    These are all I could find that fit what you needed, hope this helped

    Source(s): 20000-Names
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