Snowboarding Rails Terms?

Could someone with good knowledge on the subject explain to me the difference between a Boardslide, lipslide and bluntslide is? so confused. also if you could throw in the definition of a backside vs frontside that would be great as well. Thank you so much

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  • Taylor
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    8 years ago
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    Okay, so a boardslide. Pretty basic, face forwards sliding a rail with the feature in between your feet.

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    A bluntslide is when you boardslide a rail, except the feature is directly under one of your feet, not in between them.

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    A lipslide is on a jib, where you cannot ride straight onto the rail, and have to hop on with the rail either in front or behind your board. To lipslide, you do a boardslide that requires you to pop and bring the tail of your board over the rail, making it more difficult. A frontside lipslide is when you pop onto a rail which is in FRONT of you, and boardslide the rail. The opposite is a backside lipslide, so its confusing when you compare FS and BS lipslides to FS and BS boardslides, because at first glance a frontside lipslide looks like a backside boardslide.

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