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As an active duty infantryman would I get paid to go to school?

I'm looking ino taking college courses online I've already notified my chain of command nd got a green light. They told me to talk to a counselor at the education office to get more info, but while I'm waiting for that ( I'm on stff duty for the next 20 hours :/ ) I was wondering if I would get any kind of payment for taking these courses, my sgt. Gets paid roughly $750 a month per course. As an e-1 private what can I expect, if anything?

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    Not brown nosing here, but I have to say the following: Good for you for thinking about your future, in this case; your education.

    Now on-to your answer. To be blunt here [at your current rank] they'll probably throw you an internet source of education, where you teach yourself. Obviously I could be wrong here, and I'm quite sure a gentleman would have a better answer for you.

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  • 8 years ago

    you do not get paid for taking college courses

    your sgt is lying to you

    2. the marine corps will pay tuition - up to $750 per year ( one class ) for you to go to college

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    8 years ago

    Branch of Service?

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  • 8 years ago

    Depends on what your contract says.

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