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The 27 amendments of the constitution simplified?

I have to make a small book for my Social Studies class that a 2nd grader could read and understand the 27 amendments. I have look on here and google and nothing is coming up. I have to have a picture, description, and the name of the amendment. I would really appreciate the help. If possible, could someone give me a URL that I could look at also?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The first ten were a Bill of Rights demanded by "anti-Federalist" farmers and tradesmen for protection from the Federalist Party bankers and merchants controlling the new federal government. That political party wanted to change the US from a confederation (loose union of independent states the US was from 1781 to 1789) to a federation of more tightly connected states with a stronger federal government overseeing that union.

    The anti-Federalists feared domination by the Federalists. They hoped the Bill of Rights, and the military weapons it guaranteed citizens could have for fighting a dominating government, would hold back Federalists and others in government from dominating them. They were particularly concerned about the repression from the new "well regulated [meaning fully trained and equipped] select corps of the young and ardent" now called the National Guard. The Federalists wanted those to protect their businesses from rebellions like Shays's had been against Massachusetts banks.

    The other amendments were for:

    11 -- The federal courts cannot interfere in suits against states by domestic or foreign citizens;

    12 -- Electors will vote for both president and vice president according to procedures specified here (altered from the presidential candidate with the second highest vote count becoming vice president as originally specified in the constitution);

    13 -- abolition of slavery;

    14 -- everyone born or naturalized into the US will have all the rights of citizens, anyone denied the right to vote, will reduce the census (which excludes untaxed Native Americans on reservations) for apportioning representatives by the number of people denied; no people previously sworn to official duty in the US who rebelled against the US will be permitted further offices; Debts incurred fighting rebellion will not be questioned but no debts incurred by the rebellion will be honored;

    15 -- the right to vote cannot be denied on account of race, color, or prior servitude;

    16 -- congress can collect taxes on income;

    17 -- senators will be elected by popular vote (instead of appointment by each state's assembly);

    18 -- sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited;

    19 -- women cannot be prohibited from voting;

    20 -- established beginning date and time of newly elected presidents and representatives office and specifies procedures if they cannot immediately serve;

    21 -- repeal of the 18th amendment;

    22 -- a president can serve no more than two full terms;

    23 -- provides suffrage for people of the District of Columbia;

    24 -- failure to pay a poll tax will not prevent voting;

    25 -- specifies replacement procedure for president or vice president when they can no longer serve;

    26 -- allows suffrage for people 18 or older;

    27 -- changes in senators and representatives salaries will not take affect until after their next election (I believe this one was submitted with the Bill of Rights but took 200 years to ratify).

    Source(s): For decades I studied philosophies, cultures, and social institutions. I began that because of confusion resulting from my military experience under the shadow of neo-Marxist anti-military and anti-capitalism indoctrination in the universities. I continue a forty year quest wading through the huge pile of stinking crap a wide variety of bigots dumped on top of truth hiding it from nearly everyone's view. The pile was made by blaming people they don't like while excusing people they do like regardless of where the fault really lies.
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    27 Amendments To The Constitution Simplified

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    Amendments equals freedom

    Source(s): simplified amendants.
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    Try wikipedia, I won't give you the link - YOU have to do something ;)

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