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needing a fear aggression/protection trainer?

im in serious need of a trainer in Missouri who works on fear aggression and protective issues in dogs. Im looking for a great trainer who uses ONLY POSITIVE training methods. No shock collars or prong collar training, Tom Rose is out of the question and they want to charge me $900. Ive been searching for at least a month and the people ive contacted either want to charge me an arm and a leg or dont want to help me. PLZ HELP!!

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    Fear aggression CANNOT be cured, it cannot be rehabed. Forget the positive only crap as there is no such thing. Forget the behaviorist crap as there is no such thing as a DOG behaviorist either.

    Put this dog down as its simply a liability waiting for a lawyer to file the lawsuit, end of.

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    Go to Karen Pryor's website, and click on the link that says "find a trainer." You will connect to a nationwide database of clicker trainers who have been trained and tested. The trick will be to find one that will work with your dog but you might find one or more of them.

    You would probably do better with a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. Many of them specialize in working with aggressive dogs. Fear aggression is a behavior problem, not a training problem. You can do an online search for Certified Applied Animal behaviorists. You must use the whole phrase or you will get a bunch of quacks on the list. At this time, there is unfortunately no law that prevents even a person who has never owned or seen a dog before to call him or her self behaviorist but only the REAL ones can be Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists, or C.A.A.B.s.

    Neither of these options are cheap. Dr. Sophia Yin is a very famous and excellent combination of veterinarian, positive reinforcement trainer and C.A.A.B. She has worked with dangerous dogs.

    Good luck.

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    8 years ago

    No good trainer will help you, this is a liability and needs to be put down. Positive only training doesn't do dick, and it WILL NOT help you, your dog would kill the so called trainer.

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    It is very important that you keep all humans and animals that have any contact with your dog safe. Have you tried inviting visitors into your home? When you do this, keep your dog on a short leash. Make him sit and stay while the visitor enters your home. You and the other person need to ignore all aggressive behavior that comes from your dog and reward positive behavior.

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