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Problem connecting Home Cinema to TV?

Hi, I recently got a new TV and a new Home Cinema to replace my old one. I used to have, as a TV, a Grundig (I THINK), 32 inches, and now I have the LG 32LS3500, I used to connect my old, and for some time, still the new home cinema by the usually used Jack 3,5mm and it worked just fine. When I got the new TV, by my surprise, there was no Jack 3,5mm entrie! And there was no digital audio either! In fact, there is no output in the TV. I left the home cinema for a month or so and I was using the TV speakers, but recently I watched a movie in my home cinema (with home cinema speakers) and I just got sick of not being able to hear just like that in normal TV. Today I plugged to my box where I watch TV with the red and white cable and it worked ok, but the problem is I have to connect up to 3 devices. What can I do?

PS: When I watch movies I have the TV and Home Cinema connected with HDMI

PPS: It doesn't seem to be any audio settings in the TV important to this.

PPPS (LOL): I've heard of other people who complain of the poor service from LG on their TV's so I guess it isn't just me that can't see where I can plug in.

Any help would be greatly apreciated

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    From what I understand is that you want to watch regular TV and play the audio thru the home cinema that has only 1 RCA input. I think the easiest solution would be to get a selector switch


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    Optical cable is for audio sign only. you are able to desire to connect your Sky HD making use of HDMI cable to the television and your place theater to the television making use of HDMI cable. HDMI cable contains the video and audio sign. Then use the optical cable to connect the Shy HD to the living house theater in a field. bear in innovations that maximum television software are in stereo only and not embody sound. only those television software with the dolby digital is in embody sound. Your DVD participant does not have an HDMI cable enter, this is a participant only and it is going to be the output. Open your owners handbook of the television and alongside with the living house theater in a field for the proper path and connection. wish this might assist you out.

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