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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 7 years ago

Batman Comics. Where to Begin?

Okay the story starts with: when i was younger I grew to love Marvel and hate DC now that i'm older and help of my girlfriend I've came to love the old Batman (not really the Dark Knight Movies)

Anyway seeing the New 52 Comics i want to jump in but I also need to find a good start. Any DC Comics or just Batman comics know it alls that could help point me to a good issue to start? If you can tell me the Issue number to get a good start in i'd be happy.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well I'd read Batman. Volume 1:Court of the Owls is a good starting point for it since that's the first Batman story arc in the New 52 and if you could find a comic book store that still has the issues for Night of the Owls that would be even better. I look at those two story arcs going hand and hand because they're closely related and Night of the Owls ties up the events of Court of the Owls. Night of the Owls was also the first crossover comic in the New 52 though it only consisted of the Bat Family

    Another Alternative is to hop on with Batman #13. It's only two/three issues behind and it's the begging of the new story arc Death of the Family. It's about Joker's return to Gotham. In Detective Comics #1 it ended with a new Batman villain removing Joker's face and then Mr.J disappeared. Now he's back and I'm not going to spoil it but so far it's looking good. Also its another crossover with the Batman family.

    I'd also recommend reading Batman and Robin. A starting point could just be volume one: Born to Kill. It's the first story arc again with the New 52. I don't know how much you know about Batman but there have been multiple Robins and the current one is Damian Wayne. He's the son of Batman and Talia Al-Ghul. With that bit of information it's relatively easy to get into. Jumping in on #15 is a pretty good starting ponit. Though I'd recommend that you read Batman #15 first because it spoils Batman #13-15 because it's the Death of the Family tie in.

    Other DC Comics I'd recommend are: Aquaman(trust me he's a badass in comics...regardless that the civilians and police still make fun of him),Demon Knights(if you enjoy fantasy you'll enjoy it. It's the DC universe during dark ages and it follows Etrigan the Demon), Animal Man(I like the family dynamic in the comic but I wouldn't pick it up if you don't enjoy horror because the comic has some...grotesque images in there),Swamp Thing(It's written by the same guy who does Batman(Scott Snyder) and again don't pick it up if you don't like horror),Action Comics(Since New 52 is a reboot this details Superman's early days as a hero) and Wonder Woman(Pretty creative. They're putting a new twist on the Greek gods and myths along with the current story arc introducing the New God)

    Hope this helps.

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  • 7 years ago

    To start with the New 52 Batman, you should pick up Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls hardcover, it's awesome. Batman and Robin is awesome too! You can also pick up Batman #13 to start the Death of the Family arc with the Joker. It's not finished but I think it may turn out to be one of my favorite comics stories ever. Batman and Robin is awesome too! Their first hardcover is out too. And if you can, try to pick up Batman Incorporated when it gets collected. If you can't wait, pick up #2. Don't try to go on though, you'll get confused. If you're looking for a good Batman story in general try to get Batman Year One or Batman: The Killing Joke. They didn't impress me but people regard them as two of the best Batman stories ever told. Have fun.

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  • 7 years ago

    You could start with the new 52 batman #1. Or you could read nightwing volume 1 which was way better

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