R&P: Favourite songs with the word "Wolf" in the title?

Type O Negative - Wolf Moon ~


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Primordial - Lain With The Wolf ~


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Nightrage - The Howls of The Wolves ~


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BA: Favourite Animal themed song?

BA2: Do you ever associate your contacts with animals? :)

BA3: Last EPIC song you've heard?

Dark Song - Primordial ~


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BA4: Favourite books/ films/ poems/ stories about wolves?


@ Walking Terror - aren't you a cat yourself? lol

Update 2:

@ Alexis - haha, yep you snooze you lose! don't feel bad though :3

Btw - Silver, this is for you. I really missed you lately so I just had to ask this! :)

Update 3:

@ Morbid Thrasher - HAIL METAL!!! \m/

Update 4:

@ Opi - looks like I'm on a stealing spree today >_>

but hey you always find revenge in deciphering my *secret* intentions... as *smoothly* as I present them :P

Update 5:

@ Sir Strongy - hey man! Nice to see you :)

I didn't read about wolves much either, so it's a good opportunity to expand my mind :)

btw I just found this awesome Wolf beat~!


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Update 6:

@ Dave - wow I don't know half of those! Props for mentioning Omnia. Great! :)

Update 7:

@ Hey Love - great answer! yep, the R&P zoo is pretty stocked. The movie is pretty old, I think I watched it as a kid? For anyone who wants to watch, it's right here ~


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Thanks for your answer Vince :)

Update 8:

@ LOL, Liz, I love your sense of humour it's all over the fukcing place :)

Look and rejoice and the might of the Lord, for the post-biblical-floods lap is still in perfect working order. Not for long though, given who sits behind it >_>

An Impala is an antelope. I don't know, I the wolf literature I *did* read was highly enjoyable - then again I enjoyed reading about the mating habits of cockroaches so maybe I'm not the right man to ask... :)

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