How Do I Get My Acting Career Rolling?

Im from Jacksonville Florida. I've been aiming for a agency for awhile now, but i don't have enough experience. I've done short films and some small plays but i don't want to send the agency that little of a resume, and lately it feels like I'm stuck it a rout. I read stuff like, sign up for some acting classes and put the practice skits on the resume, but i don't know of any acting couches/classes in my area. I'm not to much of a believer of open casting calls (scams) but i have never been to one, and i don't really now how to get extra work. Thanks for you're help!

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    8 years ago
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    The stuff you read is right - acting classes are a good thing to try. They not only help you get better at acting but are a good way to start to build a network of contacts and find out about opportunties. If you can impress a well-respected teacher - they may let you know about auditions or be willing to refer you to a talent agent. I get that you don't know teachers in your area - so start finding out who is in your area. Do an internet search, talk to other actors/directors you've worked with, things like that. Go to local productions, film festivals (maybe even volunteer there) and that'll help you get to know some people and you might get some good suggesions for teachers. To get your career rolling and keep it rolling is about who you know too --- so it really is important that you get out there and mingle with people in the industry.

    You can get extra work - but most talent agents don't consider that acting experience. Including extra work as "experience" on a resume won't impress anyone But extra work is a good way to see what happens behind the scenes and make some cash. I do know some people who list extra work as training or special skills on their resume. But to get extra work, you can find it on your own at websties like or check out the website of your local film commission. Or you can register with a casting agency that provides extras for production companies. Just do your research and make sure the company is legit and is actually used by production companies.

    Good luck.

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