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what is ada wong is mian objective?

she allways talk about her mian objective but she never telled us ok no body work in umbrella for money some work for power some to win the war but why ada is doing it please tell me this makes me so curious

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    7 years ago
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    She is a spy contracted by secret agencies.

    In RE2, she was sent to spy on Umbrella and get the G-virus. She became girlfriend of a researcher in order to get information. After Wesker's suposed death, he joined her agency and commanded her mission to retrieve the virus, She tried to shake Leon off, but they kept running into each other. After healing each other and working together for some time, they began to fall in love, leading to Ada's failure in retrieving the virus and being badly injured by a tyrant. She survived and found Birkin's body, from which she was able to retrieve the virus. Her health state delayed her escape from the city, but she was able to grapple herself to Sergei and Spencer's helicopter just before the city's destruction.

    Wesker then went to work for another pharmaceutical organisation, He managed to steal the t-Veronica virus from a sample in Steve's body.

    In RE4, Wesker contracted Ada to steal a Master Plaga sample, along with some subordinate plagas from the Los Illuminados cult. He had already sent Jack Krauser, but Krauser was failing to get his hands on the sample, so Wesker sent Ada to give him a little hand. She was the one who managed to contact one of the researchers from the cult (Luis Sera) and recover the plagas. However, she was still workin for the Agency, and she had orders to give them the Master plaga instead of giving it to Wesker. Turns out the Agency sent her to infiltrate Wesker's organization in order to get the plaga for themelves. Wesker, however, still managed to get a dead Dominant type plaga from Krauser's body.

    In Damnation, Ada was sent to retrieve plaga samples from the Eastern Slav Republic. She presented herself as a member of the BSAA, knowing that the president would easily find out this was a lie. She let herself be captured, in order to gain access to the secret plaga hive. With a little distraction provided by Leon, Ada got a plaga sample and traded it with an anonymous man, who would delete her international arrest order.

    In RE6, she was minding her own business when she received a tip from "Simmons". He opened her curiosity and she ended up exploring some places, fincing out the real Simmons created a doppleganger of her, and the doppleganger was the one contacting her. Ada then set up to chase her doppleganger, to stop her from destroying the World and suggesting another way to take their revenge on SImmons. However, the doppleganger had everything set up, and attacked Ada. Ada was able to destroy the doppleganger (infected with an enhanced C-virus starin) and then helped Leon and Helena destroy the infected Simmons. She destroyed the remains of her doppleganger's lab, setting it on fire and destroying one last hatching chrysalide. As she was leaving, she received a phone call, giving her a new assignment.

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  • 7 years ago

    I could be wrong. But I think that's part of the mystery of Ada, we never really learn of what her motives are, what she's in it all for, or what she's really upto ultimately.

    Maybe there'll be a side game made focusing on her and what she's really doing.

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