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Will I be a slut if I go?

okay so my best friend has really cool parents, and so for her 13th birthday they're leaving the house to stay at a hotel for the night so she can have a house party next week. Not trying to be rude but she is a complete slut, then again I might be too. We both wear short shorts and dance/line dance/twerk with boys at these dances we have once a month. We wear a lot of makeup and have both sexted. We're both really popular in our grade (7th) and so all the boys like us, especially the perverted popular ones. Anyways, her parents are sorta bad parents because they realize she's a whore i guess cause they are giving her condoms for the party, and they gave me some too. But all the cute tempting boys are going to be there and they already told me they expect me to do stuff with them.. like "stuff" should i go? she's my bff..?


she'd be really hurt if i dont know btw, and im already 13. The boys are really popular, tempting, and hot. and one little 'secret' i've already told them maybe.. not like i actually might but idk...

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ok Kylie, all I can say is that if someone "expects you to do stuff" with them, that doesn't mean that you actually have to. Especially if you feel uncomfortable which kind of sounds like it because you're questioning whether you should go. In that case its perfectly fine not to go. I would feel the same way if I were you. Personally I wouldn't go and instead I would hang out with other friends or just spend time doing something that I loved by myself. You're not going to miss anything trust me and it doesn't make you any less fun that you already are. And even if you don't go, your bff shouldn't get mad at you. Would any true friend who cared and understood get mad at you for something like that? Don't worry about it :)

    You're what 12? 13? You DO know the potential risks for doing "stuff" with other guys right?

    I'm almost 20 so take it from me when I say that it would be best to not do anything with these boys because I've heard nothing but bad experiences from partites like these. And to be honest, it does sound like a sketchy party just because parents aren't going to be there and her parents actually advocated sex. I can say that I have heard endless stories about parties and situations like these and they NEVER turn out ok. And theres so much more than looking sexy and getting all the attention from guys.

    Good luck with your choices and always think and act wisely!

    P.S. You WILL realize (and I know you might not believe it now) that those cute and popular boys will mean absolutely nothing to you in a few years. Yeah it might be tempting to go, but does that mean you have to give in? Kylie you're not going to miss out on anything. After reading this question I can tell you that you're better than that and the fact that you're concerned is mature. Be careful with your decisions.

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  • 7 years ago

    Okay. First: lol. I'm sorry that's just too funny. You're both thirteen? Jesus. When I was thirteen I would sit at home in my pajamas and read A Series of Unfortunate Events and go play hide 'n' seek with my cousins. I wouldn't sext boys or plan on doing "stuff" as you oh so intellectually put it with any boys.

    One day you're going to wake up or you're going to grow up and you're going to regret not taking advantage of being thirteen years old and being in the 7th grade. I bet you anything that every guy in school that you say wants to get with you and your friend to do "stuff" doesn't have a single ounce of respect for either of you.

    I know there's a bunch of things in the media that promote make-up and acting older than your age so you can get guys, but I have a secret. The secret is that they're wrong. All the magazines and the pictures and the image of an "ideal girl." It's wrong.

    I'm going to be brutally honest. Everybody probably already thinks both of you are sluts. Yes, YOU TOO. So, if you and your friend continue to act in the ways you do, you're never going to get respected by anyone and everyone is always going to think of you two as sluts because that's what you'll honestly be. But you're still young! You're both only thirteen! You have time to change your reputation and make those respectable names for yourselves!

    But if you didn't want to be lectured about how acting that way just promotes the idea that you're both sluts, then just take this in. It's super simple. Ready? Okay. Here it is: NEVER do anything you don't want to do or feel uncomfortable about doing. It isn't required for you to go to the party. You can say no. And you know what? If she gets mad or if the boys don't want you anymore because you didn't go to the party, then they aren't worth it. And that's the honest truth.

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  • 7 years ago

    Look, you are in seventh grade. I assume you're about 13 years old. You are WAY too young to be having sex. Let me just tell you that all it does is cause drama, because those little boys are going to tell all of their friends all about it, you, and everything. Word will get around, and they may not be nice words.

    Now, I believe you should go, but only to watch over your best friend. Do you want her to potentially become pregnant? Or even have sex? If so, then let her do whatever the hell she wants. If not, be a good friend and be there for her if she gets pressured. Just back her up. The boys only expect you do sexual acts because they believe you will, so unless you for some ungodly reason want to lose your virginity and all that goes with it, I would stay away from the bedroom.

    Source(s): high school, it gets worse. Don't make bad decisions...
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  • 7 years ago're cool. You know what I did for my 13th birthday? Had 6 of my friends over, we went to Build A Bear at the mall, made bears, then came home and played board games and watched movies. And that was only 8 years kids are getting crazier...

    Yeah, don't go. You don't wanna be that girl that gets knocked up at 13...that's always awkward...

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  • 7 years ago

    U can go but if u have sex with the boys..ehh it will be a mistake I'm 13 too u have to be careful and make the rite choices

    Source(s): Tru advice bro
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  • 7 years ago

    This just kind of makes me sick. My baby sister just turned 12. Is this what girls her age are doing now? You're still children. So no. You should not go to this party. You should stay home and play with barbies or something.

    Source(s): life, girly.
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  • 7 years ago

    No, a house party full of unsupervised 13 year old hormonal preteens with condoms and superiority complexes sounds like the PERFECT place for you!

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  • Jeff
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Do. Not Go.

    Tell your friend "Sorry I dont want to."

    If she complains say "Sorry you feel that way."

    The fact you had to ask random people on the internet proves that you know you shouldnt go. Just dont.

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  • 7 years ago

    To be a really good Troll you have to be much more imaginative /original's questions like this that give Trolls a bad name . Sorry but your question is old .

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  • 7 years ago

    Simple answer no! These boys sound gross

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