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My,back,ach is,hurting badly?

my,back, hurts,it,likes alot of pain, how can,i,make the,pain go away . its,off and on,back,pain. its,just a,little more,painful then

the,last time i had,these back,pain , sometimes after,back pain i,sometimes,get,side,pains,too either,one pr,the,other side . anyway,to,get,rid,of the,pain?

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    Sorry for your pain.....Back pain is really too VAGUE...Could be a back ache OR xomething a little more serious, like, Kidney issues. Back ache IS a symptom of perhaps more symptoms to follow, like....Pain upon peeing, red tinged urine....Pain IS an indication that something is ONGOING INTERNALLY. to do NOTHING, IRRITATES the back OR Kidneys, and simply put, CAN MAKE THE TREATMENT FOR THE CAUSE HARDER TO TREAT...WHY ?? Because you have left it way toooo long for the treatment to commence. Do, see a doctor/walk in clinic. To do nothing IS NOT the answer. Here are the clues, NOW do something for yourself yo end your misery. best wishes.

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