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Do i have to play a sport i high school in order to play it in college?

Hi,i am 15 years old and i live in Brazil,i plan to move back to U.S.A right when i get to College,i play soccer a lot i love soccer,so if i don´t play soccer in high school will i be able to play it i college?I wanna be drafted to the MLS(major league soccer) so will i still be able to have a opportunity to be drafted even if i just play soccer in college and not high school ?

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    why can't you play soccer in highschool? does brazil not have highschool soccer?

    a few girls on my travel soccer team got to play in college without playing in high school. That was because our team went to college showcase tournaments and the scouts found them there. So NO. you dont need to play in high school, but you should be playing some type of organized soccer on a team in brazil.

    but some of the players in my club have gotten drafted right out of highschool and attended professional practices AS WELL AS their college practices. these are the better players who go on to get actual playing time in MLS and be stars

    but if you really love the sport you should try to play in high school to get the extra practices and game times.....playing HS soccer really developes you as a player.

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  • 7 years ago

    Thiago Stay in brazil man and play soccer there play for Cruzeiro , São Paulo , International , Flamengo , Galo , Bahia , Corinthians , Santos whatever MLS is one of the worst leagues in the world you won't get respect playing here unless your Thierry Henry or David Beckham or Donovan I'm Brazilian as well i play soccer too but if i go pro il move back to Minas Gerias and play for Cruzeiro an if that doesn't work out il continue to write Musica Sertaneja hope i helped ! Good luck and God Bless .

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  • 7 years ago

    No there have been many players that come in and make it as a walk on. It won't matter how good you were in high school of your good in college. Be a good player and anything can happen for you.

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